Speed farming low MP's with 20m budget?

Demon Hunter
Hi everyone, I've recently become a little bored of spin to win on my barb and want to poke around with my DH for a change. I don't want to spend any more than 20mil.

What build should I aim for with the requirements being fast farming and a socketed helm, and can I expect to get Natalya's 2p in that budget without sacrificing the equivalent stats that the bonus gives?

All gear and gems on my barb are optional to use. I have had a look around on the AH and can get the majority of what I 'think' I need with 20m but I'd love to hear other peoples experiences with budget and builds first.

I was leaning towards ball lightning and night stalker to fuel disc for tumble. Any gear currently on my DH was found or given to me so I'm in no mind to keep any of it without good reason.
If you take a look at my profile http://eu.battle.net/d3/de/profile/Edison-2830/hero/21606450
you can easyly see, tha nearly 100k DPS without sharpshooter is possible with really little effort.
All in all my gear did cost me about 8 million with some parts selffound.
I guess the 2 piece nat bonus is not viable with your budget. you can grab better rares or other legs easily.

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