any advices / thoughts on my WD

Witch Doctor
Sup fellow WD's, im playing WD for a while now, i've tried some different builds but im still think i do smthing wrong.. please check out my profile and when u see smthing that u would change, point it out, should i use skorn? should i get zuni pox? what gear i should exchange? i got like 1.81 attack speed, but DPS without pierce the veil is still little low, i've seen much more bigger dps on different WDs with cca same equip / lvl as me. im pretty IAS fanatic but im starting to think IAS is not essential for a WD (would CD do the trick?). my weapon is one hander with 1.54 AS, socket for a crit dmg and 190 int and 10% attack speed, is there any better option (consdiering i cant affor 100m worth weapon right now) Thanx for any advices/points.

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