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Never joined these threads b4 but I will have a go.


Get socketed weapons

Str can be higher, your amulet has good CC and CD but it's Intel based (transferred from your Wiz I assumed), can get Str and Avg Dmg there. IAS will be nice on amulet but will make it much more expensive, for more dmg go for Avg Dmg versions. Has less utility than IAS but more often gives higher dmg.

Get Avg Dmg on rings too, can increase your dmg by a lot.

Your EHP is good with over 1000 Intel and 400+ Res, only lacking in Str. Aim for 2400+ Str at least.

Overall, a solid balance of Dmg and EHP with your gear.
11/14/2012 07:38 AMPosted by Castablanca
Also, big ups on your building around globes and potions. With your excellent EHP, it's a good choice to have over 23k HP bonus!

Mark of an expert. didn't even see that. Nice perk. Eagle eyes, this acrimony fellow has.

Lol thanks!

10/10. Nice grab on the EF. I am having trouble deciding on getting an EF with critical hit damage (north of 65%) or with leech so I can get a Witching Hour. I haven't decided yet unfortunately. Hard to find the right one.

Edit: Do Orion to whoever is below me.
my barb lil bit weak tho but i still keep wondering...why my crit sometime exceed more that 100k-600k damage....... i only have critical hit chances not damage and all my dps including buff only 45k......izzit a bug or something in my barb that i overlook


First thing is to use an axe or mace in your main hand, put the weapons master rune in and damage should increase a good amopunt. Also buff up both rings, you should use those to add some crit ch, damage or attack speed, also get some with avg. damage, cheaper, but good upgrades.

Rate me, my bracers are listed wrong, i switched on accident, it hasnt updated yet.
@Glare..Visage has high amount of fire damage which is no good for melee..Get some strength on that chest. 6/5/10

Heres my link:http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/DRBLUEWAFFLE-1301/hero/16141447

Also shows my mace in the wrong hand....
@DRBLUEWAFFLE 9/10, nice barb, all you really need is maybe cc added on ur mempo
I rated Borlur, rate me and how I can improve.

My DPS is with Battle Rage, should be around 160K+ on character sheet.

@Orion 8/10, need some more attack speed and just a bit more cc. other then that, maybe a higher dps off hand and a main hand with cd and open socket
8-9/10 for your time played.
looks good, cant say i'd do much different for a HotA build.

althought the upgrade would be rather expensive a good roll on depth diggers would be your biggest upgrade i think.
http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/MooMooFarm-2713/hero/33896 Missing my main dps rings and still need to upgrade and switch a few items ;)
11/14/2012 07:44 AMPosted by Borlur
anytips on getting my damage up?

You have more than enough crit chance + crit damage.
Your 2 weakest areas are Strength and Attack Speed.
So, armor-wise, get more strength on chest, and more attack speed affixes on rings, glove, amulet.
Weapon-wise, start by upgrading the main-hand weapon. The wep damage should be minimum 1k dps.

Very unique barb. Not many have the balls to go Blackthorne's. Your advantage is you have the potential to stack Life on Hit rather than Lifesteal. Blackthorne's set has LoH on pants and amulet. See this guy's profile for a LoH stacked barb with Blackthorne's partial set.
ok that cool...but i still dont understand how on earth i get more than 100k-600k crit damage
@acrimony - Amazing barb man, Good weapons and really nice armor. I would say 9.5/10 but you do however need to replace your pants. you could get something better than that. The main strength role is a little low. The three sockets is nice though.

your about 35 minutes late on that one...

yep realized that...

Looks like you could beef up your critical hit damage a little more in certain gear slots. Damage number looks low for using a Skorn. 6/10 Overall right now, you're looking like you have a good start on that Barbarian.
@Nefarious Your gear is awesome. I love your crit bonus damage.

I have a long way to go. I'm no where near geared at all. Looking for what I should work on statswise. I'm not sure. Thank you for any advise anyone gives!
@Castablanca, Orion and JHarv. Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it :)

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