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So, I receive, like, 5-10 spam friend request per week, all of them trying to promote some gold selling websites. All of the times, I report those request as spam.

Today, i receive 4 and I CAN'T report any of them, it keeps showing that error? What kind of error is it? And how to fix it? I don't want to just decline the request, i want to REPORT them. Let's get rid of those eff-ing scammer/spammer.
up. noone know what it is?
A whole day & that error is still here. Tried using another account (everyone has been spammed, obviously) to report but no luck, 300005 still occur.

So I can't report those spam/scam anymore?
yup I have been experiencing this too along with that old error code associated with the shield/follower bug a while back. also my screen would dim out and I couldn't do anything and had to hit escape to get it to go back to normal
I'm having the same problem, tryin to help report the gold sellers....but no go. Please fix this.

edit: i'm gettin an error 45008
update... just logged in and tried to report a gold service for spaming my friend request list and as soon as I did, I got the error code 45008
the problem is getting worse in both in game general chat spam as well as friend request spam. unreportable via spam, harassment or real-life threat.
i didnt know so many people just like me are sick of those gold promoters and report them for spam. im wondering how come blizz dont do anything to stop them
Well, it seems they DO do something to stop... you (and me) (us)!
Same here: getting error 300005 every time i try to report spam. I tried reporting harrasment with same effect. Any solutions to this?
There was an error leaving the game. (Error 300005)
Cant report spam with error 300005. Good Job Blizz.
I've been having this problem for well over a week, not being able to report the spammers. I'm not sure the error number I'm getting is the same, but it's the exact same issue and it's getting annoying to say the least.

I have a feeling if Blizz does some scheduled maitenance this Tuesday, *cough* this problem will subside.

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