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Demon Hunter
Ok, so I have hit the multimillion gold wall in gear I think...

I need some advice on what to get next. I have about 17mil right now, but I'll have more soon enough with the rate I've been finding sellable loots. I'm looking for what pieces I could improve the most on.

I use a trap tank build for higher MPs (key farming MP 6 or 7 usually) with Bola - TB and Spike Trap - Echo, Gloom, M4D, Prep, and Boar with Night Stalker, Perfectionist, and Numbing Traps

For speed farming I'm doing MP 1 or 2 with EA - BL main, Shuriken Cloud secondary, gloom, tumble, prep and bat. Tactical, ShSh and Vengeance.

Let me know what you think I should look at improving next. I'm looking to boost DPS. My CC and IAS are a little on the low side I think, but I don't want to sacrifice too much eHP for DPS. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
you could add to the eHP with diff bracers...
allres/6.0 crit/120+dex/vit

how fast do you want to fire?
the hellfire or occulus could upgrade quite a bit... if u change bracers then u could get a much better ring than your occulus.
the pants.. you could go to Depth diggers if u want the MF part... they come with all res on them too.
Yeah I had Strongarm bracers in there, but I figured I need more IAS. However, my CC is low which really hurts my DPS and Disc generation...

With a windforce the plain ole attack speed is already at 1.53 att/sec so it's not that slow to begin with, but the faster it is the better I can stunlock Ubers to keep farming for a better hellfire.

I was looking for a replacement for the occulus earlier and I just couldn't find one I really liked. SoJ is nice but expensive if you want Spike Trap and at least 28% elite damage...I think I'll look into trading the bracer for a eHP one with higher Dex and then get a Dex, CC, CD IAS Ring instead of Occulus.

Keep plugging away at those Ubers until I get a better roll I guess...
I strongly suggest not using Lacuni's unless it has CC. Strongarm/rare provide much greater benefits. Be mindful that at your stats 1% CC will give you ~3k DPS so .5CC can make a huge difference when searching. If you do change them to something else be mindful of the loss in movement speed.

Oculus is a great ring but you lose a great potential in DPS.

I'd trade the vit off your gloves for a trifecta. If anything replace the vit on your Viles in the future.

Blackthorn's is great but it detracts from a lot of DPS. Consider Inna's - especially for the movespeed since your Ice Climbers don't have any (which is fair enough).

Windforce is a good budget option but you lose a great potential 80-150% CD from Manticore, but you'll want high AS to run a crossbow. If you do this, remember you will lose lifesteal% unless you can substitute LOH on Jewellery or run duals like I do. It's a huge thing to consider but WF imho is a poor option for end game building, unless it's really really good.

So many different options... the question is what do you want to do first? Do you research and go with the biggest return in DPS for lowest cost.

I tried for trifecta gloves but the dex rolls just weren't as good as I wanted for my price range...figured I'd save up some more for that.

Blackthorne's gives me good eHP gains, but yes it definitely hurts my DPS overall. I actually HAD Inna's for a while, but I dropped it because I didn't think the gains were as much as I could get elsewhere. That extra +130 Dex set bonus divided between my weak-rolled Inna's was at least 60 Dex lower than my current Belt/Pants.

However, I'm realizing now that I lost the 7% Damage on the Belt, the IAS on the pants, as well as the combined 2% CC...I'll be repurchasing Inna's soon, but I think I'll save for a better-rolled set this time around.

I've also went back and forth between Manticore and Windforce. It's really really hard to go from WF speed to Manticore...The big yellow numbers are nice, but you feel SOOO sluggish. I've actually been contemplating Calamity/DML setup, but I still need to save a lot more to afford a good Calamity...

I do agree tho that Windforce isn't good, especially for a trap tank build. Nothing is more annoying that constantly bumping your stunned mobs out of the range of your spike trap...

Thank you for the insight!
With 17mil, I think that you can change your ring. Find a 6CC, 9IAS, Dext, +dmg ring at AH, link by Message, go ingame and compare. I'm not sure about the value, but mine was 12mil.

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