Rate the monk above you part 8!

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@firewish589 You have a pretty decent setup. You might want to start thinking about throwing in some LS or LoH. and eventually look into getting a natalya ring +feet. 7.5/10

As for me, I'm completely stuck with what to change/upgrade next..

instead of 'oath stand' 40-50 average damage, 4.5 cc and 150 dex unity ring can give some dps bonus, along with %4 more to elites which probably 4k solid boost.

Definitely two radiant stars to weapons there which will boost your dps pretty good

my monk is here (if u see 154k dps it is correct unbuffed)
^Upgrade your leather gloves and get a shield for hardcore :P
11/25/2012 05:24 PMPosted by Rhue
^Upgrade your leather gloves and get a shield for hardcore :P

@Rhue 7/10. Nice Monk.

Nat's Ring: Choose one with Average Damage to boost dps, ditch the socket for a +Vit roll to compensate (+Vit rolls bigger on these than the gem anyway). This isn't a terribly expensive upgrade.

Vile Ward: Could use a +Vit roll (not that your life is bad, but I like to keep mid-upper 40's for added survivability).

Inna's Vast Expanse: (This one is nit-pick) There are rare chests readily available that roll much bigger +Dex & huge +Vit that also have both +ColdRes and +AllRes to boost resistances. Do you rely on the .33 Spirit Regen set bonus?

Good job so far.
i cannot possibly give any comment on the profile that is above me..

all your item roll are awesome..
5/10 could use some improvement.

You need average damage on jewelry, drop the ias on necklace and get cc+cd instead, get cc on second ring, drop the andy's and grab a radiance with 6 cc and grab a temperance with 9 ias for the 2p. Trifecta gloves look good, but a bifecta with a good dex roll is a lot better than a low rolled trifecta.

Edit: Stupid thing posted my wow account... Quentin#1438
i cannot possibly give any comment on the profile that is above me..

all your item roll are awesome..

@peekyueye 4/10.

Your Monk needs some work that isn't difficult nor expensive to correct.

You appear to be going for lightning res to take advantage of OWE but I'm not sure. You've got Arcane and Cold mixed in there. Very inexpensive to fix.

I see your going the LoH route instead of LS which is fine seeing the you have quite a bit and you've got decent AS increases. However, you could get a large boost to DPS if you add +Crit Dam to just one of your weapons. You could also think about adding a small amount of LS on one that would compliment your LoH quite nicely.

Average damage on your right-hand ring and ammy will add a solid, low-cost boost to dps.

Your Andariel's ...do you really want to take 15% additional fire damage? There are inexpensive Inna's Radiance available with 5 or 6 CC and decent +Dex rolls ...and +Vit ...and sockets that could easily and cheaply begin a set for you and add some nice stats.

Hope you get a chance to make some upgrades in the near future. Good luck and happy demon hunting!
@halfbr33d.... I would say 8/10

Wow... really solid monk. Your life steal seems a little low... but you must be doing alright. The nat ring could have CC... but thats nit-picking.. your neck piece is awesome, too bad no average damage
@halfbr33d.... I would say 8/10

Wow... really solid monk. Your life steal seems a little low... but you must be doing alright. The nat ring could have CC... but thats nit-picking.. your neck piece is awesome, too bad no average damage


Thanks for the review. I agree that my LS is low. I've been looking for a piece that can upgrade that stat but everything I find only bumps me up around 1-1.5k and costs 300mil or better since I love the AS with the knife. Still looking.

The neck piece dropped for me and gave me an 8k dps boost from the Avg Dam ammy I was wearing previously ...a no brainer. If it had Avg Dam I would sell it for a billion :-)

Since I replied, I don't want to cheat you out of a review: 7/10. Solid Monk.

Your Won could use a natural CD roll to go with that socket. If you found a decent one, you may not even have to maintain the level of DPS and still make solid gains since you're a touch light on CD overall.

You may have to sacrifice a bit of armor (which is solid) but you could find a chest with a much larger +Dex roll. Even if you gave up one of your sockets, you could be carrying quite a bit more while still maintaining your resistances.

I like your axe. I don't even mind the big +Intel roll since it adds protection.

Nice job so far.

EDIT: 545 LoH helps compensate a little bit for the lower LS for now :-)

High DPS, reasonable vitality and defenses. I suggest average damage on your amulet.

I rate it 7.4/10

What could i possibly say, except one day my Monk will be that good.

For now my advice to you is to get trifecta gloves, CD+CC on your ring, and CD on your amulet. Your way to focus on your dex (3.4k) but your dps is at 80k+ only. :)

@Lexus: Great monk. I would personally go for a fist weapon or an axe for my main weapon since mace is just way too slow. Upgrade your gems to at least perfect star and maybe get a nat ring with a crit. Otherwise great monk. 8.5/10

nice monk... 9/10
Kojin, good dps but how do you stay alive with such low resistances.

Anyway, whoever is next, check out my farming gear (boots should have 20 more magic find with similar dex/vit stats but about 200 less armor) - !@#$%^-*!@er.

i have never used a shield ever.. dont think i want to either..

i think your attack speed is way too slow.. more attacks is more spirit is more buffs is more dps. while making you a more dynamic fighter who uses more abilities. with attack speed you will produce alot more cyclones.

i like your weapon but i think look for ones 1.4 attack speed.

do you use SSS for extra vulnerability? because the dps is quite low for a one hander.. perhaps you could use cyclone strike for better group play..

i dont know if so much mf is really necessary.. i may be wrong..

but you look like a solid enough tank i guess.. you must stand quite alot of punishment..

5/10 :)

edit: +1 because your name is a swearword lol

my profile http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/juniorRC-2189/hero/2691176 i see its in low MP speed build..

Good gear for slow MP speed runs. But since it is low MP I suggest you change 2 passives.

The Guardian Path can be switched to Fleet Footed and Beacon of Ytar to Combination Strike.

This will get your DPS and speed up for faster clears.

Overall for build 8/10
hey ty for the rating.. i see blizzard updated my profile.. this is now my high mp 6-7 build :)

i do switch for fleet footed.. but i think you may be right about combination strike i always thought i needed two primaries for this to work but i'll take the 8%.. i actually drop serenity below mp5 and use blinding flash on elites..

cyclone strike implosion a huge group of mobs and elites. blind them, spam mantra and see em vanish :)

not gonna rate you, i'll leave that to the next person.. i will check out yr gear tho :)

Very fast...No glaring faults...be interesting to team with.

Solid 8/10

add me up and lets run a bit sometime.


with that explanation I fully understand where you are going. I was going to suggest you drop Serenity at lower MPs since I do that myself but I thought that may be to taboo on these forums =P

To the next poster skip me and rate Blitz.

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