Rate the monk above you part 8!

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What's to say.....add dex 30+ Dex on your gloves and break the 200k DPS unbuffed zone.

Everything is gravy 10/10

Not bad not bad at all, I'd say grab some better gems for sockets to match your awesome gear.


Not too shabby. you can probably replace some of that vit with some more dex/other offensive stats, not to mention some much needed armor. Your crit chance is a little lacking which is why your dps is a little lower than probably what you'd like, but overall not bad.


Good semi-tank monk with solid LoH/Regen. I'd look for LS since you are past the ~60K DPS threshold and maybe more CD for increased DPS.


Very solid. Maybe just add IAS or CD for fun to increase DPS a little more.


Nice gear, I would say maybe try to change the bracers out for some with cold instead of phys res since if you are using owe. maybe try to get a little just a little more vit too.


You're almost there! I'd suggest swapping out the Mempo for one with main stat rolls on it, getting main stat rolls on your boots, crit chance on your bracers(don't necessarily have to be lacunis but they need double resistance) and swapping out the amulet for maybe a very good duncraig cross? Good luck! 7/10

Looks good. I'd say you could use some more armor though. 7/10

Seems like you're prioritizing well enough. Get that CC and Crit Dmg up then IAS. LEast that's what I did. Resis could use a little boost as well. 5/10

overall balanced gear. Could use more CC to maximize all that CD you have.
@ Stechu: Replacing rings and Amulets with socket-ed trifectas (if i can get them) is first on priority list. Alittle more ias and a LOT more crit D are on my list for sure!

@FHvoid: at 60-130Million a piece? yeah I'll get right on that. I will too. I lust after a set of socket-ed Shen's but will have to wait a bit first, as I think new ring amulet combo will have some serious benefits /cost ratio wise.

Thanks for all the input ...but what no rating?
@ Agarath pretty good 7/10 get some weapons with sockets then even the cheapest nat's ring without crit will boost your dps a buttload.
@Zerstorenn, I wish to have gears like yours.

Solid foundation but you are stalling out on your CD
Time to start saving for a new main with an OS
@analbumcover -

is your name 'anal bum cover' or 'an album cover'? :)

anyways, your defenses look pretty good, just need to up that DPS now... look for better crit on your gear. aim for 40%+ crit chance and 300%+ crit damage. also you need to upgrade your gems!

overall 5/10
@Tarzan you're pretty much there in terms of gear IMO. There's not a whole lot to improve other than maybe a bracer with crit chance and ias or some more dps on your weapons. Nitpicking really, I'd say 9/10.
@ MrBC, youve got some great gear, but I would definetly get some sockets on your weapons.
Oh and please upgrade your gems xD
Nice gear overall though.
@Waffle!@#$ I'd work on getting some All Res gear, heard rumors of owe nerf next patch or maybe im jus paranoid lol, solid looking build u've got there but could probaly use some more armor, get some crit chance/dmg on ur rings to bump ur dps up, weaps are solid everything u need but bit low on the dps-i know higher dps ones with ur stats are stupidly expensive lol.
@ztsky Awesome DPS and gear. Making shields look good, lol.
@ztsky: Sick sword and board monk. Haven't seen a lot of monk w/ shields that has more than 100k dps. 8-9/10 for an SnB monk.

@Anahydris: Can't view your profile

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