Rate the monk above you part 8!

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Here is my profile http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/caoth-1241/hero/1228008
Please give me some advises for solo mp7 or mp8

Currently, I hardly solo mp6 and coop at mp7 with a 33 (war cry buff).

If you see an exp gem on the helm and hellfire ring, then the Bliz snapshots my leveling build.

Normally, I wear the vit gem on the helm and the rare ring with:
+ Res all: 597
+ Armor 5031
+ HP ~ 40k
+ LoH: 1137
+ LS: 3%
+ Unbuff Dps: 95729
+ as: 2.29
+ cc: 38.5
+ cd: 372
+ and dex: 2475

What threshold do I need to go at mp7, then mp8 ?

Thank you.

Get innas pants w/ 150+ vit
Get rare chest w/ double Res

That should help
Get 6%cc bracers w/ double Res and high dex
@Azakiah no comments, you're perfect.
anymore advice for me, please... :)
@caoth You could aim for CC on your Natalya's ring. Your other ring could also benefit from dex and possibly a higher dmg roll. Also, you might want to look into gloves with roughly the same stats, except with CD instead of IAS. It's maybe a personal preference, but you probably would see more of a damage increase. Otherwise, I would recommend to get more vit rolls on gear, so you can use some of those slots to put emeralds on them instead. Also, your LoH seems a bit over the top. You could probably stand to lose some of it in place of a dps increase. 7/10

As for me, I'm lost for ideas on how to improve. I'm currently working on radiant emeralds, so any other suggestion is welcome.

Why are you using a templar? Templar's main selling point is he can carry more MF than the other followers and yours has 0. Scoundrel or enchantress could give you a significant damage boost and some CC skills.

As in defense wise, A+++

I think that defense can handle MP10 and MP11,12,13,14... (if there is such thing)
anything that this game can throw at you.

However, I just get a feeling your offense is can't handle MP5 and beyond.
(It will just take way too long)

I say be more balanced.
@Pizzarino I rarely play solo, so I've never paid attention to my followers. So that's that.

@jjoung Your setup seems pretty strong. You probably can sacrifice some of your vit for LS. Just a thought.
@Lamentor Your setup looks really nice. Your dps could be higher with more attack speed in some pieces and higher average damage in both your weapons. I'd focus on those before upping your crits any more since they're already good. Given all your other gear, a decent Echoing Fury instead of the Butcher's Sickle would probably boost your dps substantially, unless you prefer the Sickle for other reasons. Ultimately swapping all your physical resists for all resists would be worthwhile too.
Hi, im mf monk!

act3 clear in 12 mins

@ Gruul your Stone of Jordan is sick, 6% Holy on top of Wave of light. Get a new blackthorne with pick up radius or magic find instead of strength.

Nice setup but very light on any kind of sustain. Even 3% lifesteal will go a long ways with your dps especially at higher MP
Some vit and more dex? Aside from that, stellar gear and stats.
@ Prometheus08

I like how you have balanced a bit more than many SC monks as your ehp is not in the toilet.

I would suggest you immediately upgrade your gems though. Should not be expensive in soft core right?
@ MarteeneeX

Wow, very nice hardcore monk. I would say mixing in some LS in with LoH will help your hardcore monk stay alive more effectively. LS is effected by all damage output whereas your LoH is just weapon strikes.

Maybe some LoH/CHD/CC rings if you can find them, mix that survivability with some more DPS.

Looking good, very impressive for a hardcore monk.
@Marteneex, I really can't comment on a HC monk but your ehp looks great with higher then usual dps that I have seen on some HC monks. 8.5/10

Working on upgrading gems. 7mil-22mil per gem at AH so taking the time to craft them myself since I can afford to buy 1 before being out of gold.
rate me guys.......

Maybe swap out some of your vit to put towards more dex for dps. with your boots gem maybe? Other than that it's pretty solid. Same stuff but with more IAS somehow? Not sure, sorry i'm not a huge help.

Anyone have any suggestions for me? thank you
@JM3319 I definitely believe that upgrading your Gems will go a long way in improving your overall DPS and Dex

I bet you could drop the defense stats (life%, vit) on your left ring and upgrade to a damage roll ring w/ crit chance and dmg. You could pick up the loss of vit and life elsewhere I would imagine. Your Vile wards could use more dex and you can make up some of the life there :)

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