Rate the monk above you part 8!

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@captaincarl HI!!!! yeah fellow shenglong!!! isnt it awesome...
I do have a full set of innas ofcourse but I didnt want to use the chest and belt anymore..I didnt need to have the bonus on Sweeping Wind.

Well I should find a blackthorne cross. The ammy is a gift from my brother and I know it was pretty pricy when he got it.Thanks its nice..

Whats is your attack speed? I dont have problem in gainning my life back...its fast enough. plus i also have life per spirit spent and my life regen is like 777.

But sure will be neat to find blackthorne cross but it doesnt have resistance right?

by the way I do Like you monk character too ..... AWESOME!!! SHENGS!!!! woohooo
@ CaptainCarl

really only one thing to say for you. Time for a Mempo :)

very nice build setup and great IAS. Mempo is about the only thing I can see doing you some good now.


when looking at my setup. don't miss the 245.6 LPSS, one of my biggest ways of facing RD and staying alive

As long as I'm on full attention every time I play, I don't die on MP7-8 act 3 runs. I have 770 AR with OWE. I dont really die that much, probably my ASI + LOH keeps me alive, while my LS snaps back my life everytime I hit a crit. To be honest though @ 770 resist and my current LS ASI LOH, I can stant on desec + fire chains as long as I'm hitting the elite. Never had a problem on my survivability since I got my offhand weapon. I was once a shenlong user as well. Hahaha!
@solo well it is always nice to have higher of any attribute. :) i will try to add more but as what I have its just fine for me. the LOH is all alright.

Yes I know that regarding backlash hehehe thats why I use it...sometimes I feel its more usefull than when I use overawe. both are excellent...

Like other people mentioned to me also if am fine at Mp 9 run and uber without LS so its all good. So I told yes...bec I really dont want to give up my shengs just for LS. hehehe.. I dont have a problem with it anyhow...

as I told you its just the ground effects that annoys me and arcane lasers that kills me quick.. and you cant counter that with LS or LOH..right?
@solo ....YEah !!! that what my other friend told me too exactly on regards with his LS weapon. hahaha...nice you have shengs too..

Well, I guess it works for you. I am sure it help me more indeed. With mp 7-8 its not a problem for me ..I can also stand on fire and green....

ITS The ARCANE LASERS!~ hahahaha!

So questions to everyone...alright which is better to level paragon...some say mp0 fastest. ( I did try and notice its does) but I also do play leveling in mp7 may not be as quick as 10 but I dont have finish the whole route run for me to fill up a bar.

would apprieciate your advice please..hahaha thanks
I like your resist!
Only thing is your shelong sustain, go for life steal would be a much better choice
Ever considered wkl ?
3% on one hand and preferably a godly loh main hand.
That would be my own ideal setup. Unfortunately the ones I'm wearing now is not yet ideal.

About paragon, mp0 with tr build is fastest. But that is provided you keep rush on forever.
Speed runs with some chance for loot i usually go mp3, loot farming only, mp6-8

nice monk over there, pretty decent dps and I see you've stacked lotsa resistance on your monk. Hp's slightly low though might be good to reshuffle some stats and have more vit. Always good to have higher hp when doing higher uber mps 9/10 especially during siege/skeleton kings fights, more hp buffer for human errors.

My attack speed is about 2.7ish I believe. When I do high MPs I switch out my innas pants out for a blackthorne's pants giving a total of 2L LOH and my HP jumps up to 53K. I am able to sit in a few affixes with my atk speed, res and LOH but once they start staking or when Frozen give me a one over thats all she wrote.


Nice setup. I like the fists with both LS and LOH. Nothing can take you down man! Yes I am in the market for a Mempo but picking one up with 6 crit is worth more than all my gear combined haha. Hope to loot one or just wait for depreciation to set in.

9/10 for your build.
@sq79 Nice set up too...
Yeah I did have a WKL before i had the shengs...

thanks for yout tips..greatly apprieciate it. ...dont worry too much on LS...by the time PVP is up for playing you wont need no more...bec each person has HP only like 50K something never like monsters hp of millions. so you would need life on hit.

thanks for answering the paragon level question. I do farm higher just for keys and organs...but for leveling ok will do.
@captaincarl ...oh cool.!!! thanks for the advice..have blackthorne pants too in my chest that i got from loot hehehe..i will use it...what mp?

we should play...add me

nice shen's set - your left ring could use some love.. Whats your total LOH? just the piece from the Shen's?
.......nico your monk....i'm jealous.

is there an area where i can farm for that nat reflection ring?
@simplemath hahaha yeah i know...cant find a decent ring...have lots of it...i change it to what ever...i still have also my old skull grasp...oh my LOH just with my weapon..and am fine with it. i get back like 3K per hit i dont know exact maybe higher at times...but i can refill fast just as long there is some monster to hit.

I dont die that way...like at mp8 and i fall asleep for awhile i wont die...I will die on the arcane laser though with 2 times pass
@simplemath your set up is nice...very very good!!!
haha dont be jealous...@neverdone. my nats ring was given to me by brother...bec it had my resistance...i think he bought it. bec my old one was a lower than what i am using now.

You seem to have more than enough resistances. I would focus on getting your crit chance above 40% and crit damage up to 300+. Nat's reflection would be a good choice but since you don't have Nat's boots yet, you can probably get a cheaper rare ring for the time being. Once you farm enough or get lucky with drops you can go for the nat's 2-set.

You can probably drop a few pieces with resistance for higher dex/vit rolls on them. As long as you're above 500 resistance I think you should be ok. Unless you're planning to do high mp only.
@neverdone -

Very good res, you need more dex\cd desperately! Also, i found a nat's ring (http://imgur.com/BMY4H) in Keeps 1 with 0 NV... go figure..

thanks, i'll farm that area until i get one.
@simplemath why you not using that nat you found? are you selling it? can u use two nat rings?
11/27/2012 08:34 AMPosted by nicoman777
@simplemath why you not using that nat you found? are you selling it? can u use two nat rings?

I sold it for 2 billion and bought most of the gear I'm wearing now :P

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