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That "Dismal Prize" ring should be upgraded to trifecta. amazing wizard.
You could benefit from some more attack speed cuz your intel+cc+cd are pretty top already.

What mp do you normally farm at with your DPS? I might wanna switch to a setup like yours :P
@Castablanca 12% life is a huge bonus ! but yes trifecta all the way for more dps but that is "some stacks" right now.

@DmN I can farm 4 or 5 easily but for speed/xp purposes mp1 is the way to go in my opinion.
Did n e one get skipped
What is this "black weapon" I see mentioned quite a bit?
@lu1gui first off, nice, your wiz is top shelf. I'd recommend aiming for some Trifect rings, maybe do runs Hellfire Ring runs, they can roll BOSS stats so thats one thing.
@ reaver

I think the next cheapest upgrade for you would be replacing your rare ring with one that is crit, intel, vitality, and RA. Either that or witching hour.

I think you should replace your weapon. Keep the LS, but try to add higher dps/ natural crit damage, or some int/vit on it.

To anyone who rates me, I borrow my barb's 1171 dps LS sword when I run my wizard, so weapon isn't a priority for me.
@ Celanian

Definitely some Zuni boots. Another 8% elemental damage tacked on, plus your 3-pc set bonus.
@ Maysrill

Nice gear dude. I'm honestly not sure where u go - this is dumb but a Tal ammy with 10cc? Heh. Kinda joking. Maybe a weapon with CD, LS, and socket.
upgrade the bracers, little more crit
Upgrade Dream Slayer ring to include either attack speed, average damage, or crit damage while keeping your 4% crit
Derok get a weapon with Crit damage as well be a big boost
Lilspark, higher int wh maybe or armor on your bracer although it took me awhile to find mine.
sennin, all good your gear is pretty nice all i can see that would benefit you is a vile ward with more vita on it.
Kingslayer, the dps on your sword seems low to me.
@kingslayer, very nice. Maybe a better left ring. Can you get a 6,6,6 trium or higher dps weapon.

I just started switching to some CM/WW gear. I am at 2.79 aps. Prior I ran with archon so some of my better items are from archon.
Damann, I got skipped :(

edit: it's showing my mf gear in my profile. Not sure why, I tried to fix that and it won't fix.
Still showing ur mf gear :|

Get a stormcrow :} it will help a lot

High dmg range trium

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