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Demon Hunter
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@light wow really nice gear overall, and really nice hellfire!
@Angrymelon: Your hellfire ring is very nice too. You have great gear to back it up too (especially the Critical Chance).
@tekkazerox- You have some nice gear. I like your manticore also. Nice percentage converted to life. Maybe try to fine yourself a new quiver with a bit higher stats will bump you up even more. 7.5/10
@punisher get cc on your rings and take off SHSH
11/15/2012 02:39 PMPosted by Alucardrx
@punisher get cc on your rings and take off SHSH

decent dh, i would trade those rares for sets with bonuses like natalya foot/ring/armor and innas belt and pants

probably u might wantt to change that 2 rings:)
@Alucardrx upgrade ur helm, andy's visage are fun, but costly if you want really high dex
11/15/2012 02:47 PMPosted by Bartsch
@Alucardrx upgrade ur helm, andy's visage are fun, but costly if you want really high dex

@ Bartsch

You really need to upgrade your gems...and also, your next upgrade should probably a dual-socket Manticore to up your crit. dmg. by another 100% when you can afford to...that would be a tremendous dps boost for you.
@ Apotheosis

best equipped DH I've seen so far *thumbs up*

Pretty nice gear... very very nice damage, decent life and a solid amount of MF. Not really sure what else to add...

EDIT: for the person who comments on mine, the belt and chest haven't updated... should have 500 more armor total.

nice regen and crit hit, your gems need upgrading especially in your manticore and nats embrace

Decent dps for a DW, guess a full upgrade on your gems might give you an extra push.
@ thepwet

very impressive dh, esp w a wf! 9/10.

Heh, wow. This is where I am trying to go, just need lots more gold! Vitality and AR are insane, your eHP must be at least 500k and probably more. Throw on Shadow Power and we're talking over a million probably. The only thing that I can see that would improve things for you are adding IAS to those gloves, but I imagine spending a few billion on that might take a second thought. 10/10!
I took a look at your build and everything looks real good to me. Maybe more resist all. I am new to a demon hunter I got a couple of nice demon hunter pieces farming with my witch doctor and am looking for some advice on what the next upgrade piece and maybe build help.
@Gahwtf suggest you get a socketed bow. btw inna or lacunis for my full ms?
i got some upgrades since last time.
rate me please again.
@Piigmeu, nice Hellfire ring. You set-up is similar to mine, you have a nicer Xbow! Can you upgrade your gems? If so, that will make a difference with dex and give you more dps. Looks good though.
@moose nice balanced build. get that crit damage to boost your dps. also swap your amethyst to a ruby gem on your helm.

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