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Demon Hunter
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get some crit chance on your rings/ammy. Good job on not using SS, almost at 100k dps. Just keep on upgrading things, get health, resist, etc. Also get a Vile Ward with 250+ dex. Mine isn't the greatest but it only cost me 18m.
@Vagisil: Thanks for making me type your name lol. But pretty good for a Legacy nats DH. Could definitely get a better manticore though! Keep at it and gives you a 7.5/10
good kerek,change your gem into perfeck radiant. here my profile...http://kr.battle.net/d3/ko/profile/tommykong-6283/hero/8596939
@ tommykong I'd swap your witching hour out for a good inna's belt. Seeing as you have the pants already, you'd get more damage from that and the set bonus than with your WH.
Heres mine again^^. 100k dmge w/0 the three skills. I need to make it to 200k plus dmg. removed my other helm n rings usually 60-65% crit chance but im using my hellring. usually 150k plus dmg if i have archery and steady aim. Also able to do mp7-8 with this build with minor tweaks to my armor gearing.
@LadyKamikaze. You need more crit chance. Upgrade your helm for that. Attack speed would also help.
@ muffassassin

Not too shabbby man, get some movespeed!
Looks awesome and you probably live for a looong time. Only thing is obviously if you want to increase your dps you have to work on your crit dmg a little. I know the 2h gives you 25%, but a little more would only help.

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can't get much better than that.
@Bishoy Looks good, but you need some move speed.
@spicynoodoh not bad, i would recommend looking for nats boots with higher dex.
@stedms...only thing I can nickpick is to get more crit damage.
@MrLucid72: You have a pretty decent build there. You might want to think about switching out that helm for a Mempo (Though crit rolls are insanely expensive) or a high dex Andariel's if you don't mind losing the 4p bonus. Also, check out the possibility of a higher dps, but single socket, manticore. A lot of people are so focused on the duo socket that they lose sight of what another few hundred dps on a weapon can really do for you. But that viability would depend on your build. Just something to keep in mind. Your Nats chest, and DML, have particularly low Dex rolls as well. DML with 250+ dex, and 20 ias aren't that expensive so long as you don't care about the skill affix.
@Selvaria Everything looks good! Good DPS with a decent all resist. I think that you would change your offhand soon since AS 15% is a bit low. and I hope u can hit 300k w/o SS very soon.
^^^ very nice Hinary, id consider switching to lacuni for the ias despite the dex loss u may take. worth it imo. 9/10

Just wow. 220k damage with 72k health, that is impressive. The only thing I see is maybe upgrading your gems. I know the 20-ish dex upgrade from each isn't really that much, but it is still useful.

good work keep it up! nice cc and resist i think ur next upgrade is your belt :)

Not a bad start. I would strongly suggest getting AR over armor for the start. Good balance between Dex and Vit. :)
You guy all have nice stuff, i think i personally need more hp like you, but i don't like to sacrifice dps :(
u need more hp bro
@Yoona : pretty nice balanced build, the one thing you could use though is a lot more all resist. With 5k armor you can afford to lose some armor and get some all resist, say with your bracer or the like.

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