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Demon Hunter
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Do you think i dont have a lot of crit chance?i can change the SoJ to trifecta ring for a lot of cc. .
@Tharkis: Very good build.. good DPS nice armor
@Strider: Y SS on? its only good for 1 shot for 1 second, youd be better off with another passive and still least 250-300k DPS, maybe more
If your Crit chance is 50%+, sharpshooter is a waste of a passive. Your crit'ing 1 out of every 2 shots, roughly, anyways so your crit doesnt build up enough with sharpshooter on for it to matter. It's literally a waste of a passive.
ok thanks for some advice :)
@Tharkis: Nice ammy, I also like your CHC. Nice to see another DH using hungering arrow boost in quiver...
Since your not running any type of Nat's set. I suggest replacing steady aim and sharpshooter. Your DPS is high enough anyways. I'd replace with Nightstalker to gain you more discipline, and then play around with the other one, for ubers I typically use perfectionist, and for farming I use vengeance. Archery/Nightstalker/Vengeance, is great for farming. Archery/nightstalker/perfectionist is really good for ubers.
Anyone have any advise for me? Trumpster all I can say is gems
anyway how many hours before the server goes up? ;))
@ Trumpster,
Thanks for the feedback earlier. I was thinking along the same lines on my DH. You have me by about 4k unbuffed DPS.

Nice DH Bro, I would say upgrade those gems and perhaps a bit more Attack speed would benefit your DH nicely.

Nice !!

Nice !!


nice build the only things i can say are maybe adding more resists and maybe some hp?
@Vaultdweller ... i would get a new pair of gloves, and a dif helm (at least one with a socket)
11/13/2012 10:43 AMPosted by BucketSmoke

I would say lose the andys and go for something more robust like a mempos, ur life is a bit low =/

I would say ur res too but I can't see how much you really have @_@
i agree, im working on a mempho helm, but any upgrades at this point are insanely expensive =/ ... so im saving

Also look into an innas with vit or all res.
do u mean my belt? my inna pants have resist all.

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