Hall of Godly Barbarians temporary thread

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Acky and Frankiebonez added!

@Frankiebonez 41,510

@Horngyuh80 Score is accurate.
I guess Im not godly, but could I get a score by any chance?
@Death 30,705 Lifesteal is huge given your large dps

@Brian 12,462

Heroscore is wildly inaccurate. It pretty much focuses completely on dps and ehp so your LS is barely making a dent in the score. And the formula is additive so you can completely ignore dps and focus on ehp to get a great score. Last I checked, 3 of the top 6 barbs in the world had ridiculous ehp but less than 12K dps.

When rubies and amethysts are valued the same, it won't change your score since you are already using an amethyst. What it does is to level the playing field when scoring everyone else. The way the formula is currently setup, an amethyst gives a slight boost compared to a ruby when your ehp is less than 850K or so and you don't have lots of existing Life%. Rubies are much more valuable than amethysts when your EHP is above 1M and/or if you have large amounts of existing Life%. I don't like this discrepancy so it will be fixed when the new formula is rolled out.
new hall score: 34370.606717081

DPS Score: 177.4190582
EHP Score: 91.6918
Sustain Score: 1.1993547228735
Move Score: 1.24
Paragon Score: 1.23
Misc Score: 1.155

updated score for meh (2H):

Hall Score: 31010.613946803

DPS Score: 151.76366
EHP Score: 101.9798
Sustain Score: 1.2466900495549
Move Score: 1.12
Paragon Score: 1.435
Misc Score: 1

Hall Score: 15401.213593789

DPS Score: 93.26162
EHP Score: 76.8727
Sustain Score: 1.2301160313385
Move Score: 1.12
Paragon Score: 1.35
Misc Score: 1.155


Guess this hall is only for dps with no catagory for alpha damage (for builds that go off weapon damage where the skills dont scale well with attack speed) o.o;;

Also using no passive dps moderately de-emphisizes crit dmg, as the 15% crit chance and 50% crit dmg from passives, as well as the 3% crit chance from battle cry do not scale linearly, they scale higher than linearly.
Celanian, where do i stand in all this? thnx

A number of people have been updated.

@powpowboom71 27,301. Enough for 4th place currently in S&B wing. Nikeboy won't be happy at being bumped. :)
When are you getting the new sustain calculations up?
11/15/2012 09:56 AMPosted by acrimony
When are you getting the new sustain calculations up?

I chatted with Tomaka last night. He said he was going to look at it today. Once he updates, I will test and hopefully have it ready by the weekend.
Hi Celanian, please update my score. Fantastic job refining the formula. Thanks to you and Tomaka for all the work.

Hall Score: 51598.566766506

DPS Score: 202.29583
EHP Score: 100.4369
Sustain Score: 1.3965623927161
Move Score: 1.23
Paragon Score: 1.28
Misc Score: 1.155


Nice updates since your last calc! You are the new number 1 at the moment.

As a note, it's been astounding at how quickly people's scores have been rising. My formula has been out for less than 3 weeks and there has been enormous increases in scores across the board. :)
@ Celanian

I got a new belt... here is my updated score!

Hall Score: 53077.457385398

DPS Score: 136.601448375
EHP Score: 152.906975
Sustain Score: 1.312835710829
Move Score: 1.21
Paragon Score: 1.385
Misc Score: 1.155

Geez Baller, give the rest of us poor scrubs a chance! :)

Nice belt! I wish I had one like that! You are now the current number 1 on the list.
Wow. Nice belt. That wasn't up in the AH last night. Private sale?
11/15/2012 04:13 PMPosted by acrimony
Wow. Nice belt. That wasn't up in the AH last night. Private sale?

i actually got it two nights ago on the AH. My profile just wasnt updated till today for some reason.

Wasnt cheap :( , final bid was like 500

Im broke!

Next up is a weapon with stats on it.... gonna take forever to save!
Weird. You went from #4 to #13. I see certain players jumping ahead of you. Pretty lame! I have been thinking about my next step. Either a ring or new pants. What do you think, Baller? Should I get both or should I sell my offhand?

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