So, my hardcore character died b/c of outage.

11/11/2012 09:36 PMPosted by McQueen
HC is not for everyone it is way different then SC I have a lvl 50 paragon SC WD that I worked hard on only to feel like I was spinning my tires

My HC character just died at lvl 55, due to me hitting the f3 button instead of 3, therefore not activating crystal skin or whatever it is called.
holy batman necro!

ho snap to the fallens
mother f'ing necro got me again!
lol i was wondering to who you were replying hahaha
07/05/2013 06:58 AMPosted by Isolation
mother f'ing necro got me again!

LOL dirk.

lol i was wondering to whom you were replying hahaha

Ta gueule! (nab!)
Would be nice to see the 10 sec timer reduced to 3 seconds. Every Gamefreeze or lag endangers your HC char. If there is a massive package loss or disconn, you should be out in 3 secs.

No way you will live 10 secs without moving.
11/11/2012 08:32 PMPosted by TankCeo
Obviously it was a outage and wasn't my fault.

Obivsouly, dying is never the players fault, it is 100% due to a disconnect, lag, or some other issue that Blizzard causes players. If you don't believe me, just look around the HC forum and nearly all of the deaths are because of Blizzard. :)
best part about this post was when he said he DC died at lvl 12 and lesson learned about not playing hardcore again.
Just so you know OP, if blizzs server goes down you live. The server hosts the game no server = no game = you live. Since your character died the problem was either yours, your ISP or somewhere between your ISP and the blizz servers. Don't go blaming blizzard. You accepted the deal when you created your character, that is the way it goes...
HC is for men. My wife & kids play SC.

=)) this is the best comment ever seen on this forum
EDIT: GD Necro'd

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