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Witch Doctor
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Nice gear, I mean, really super nice! 9/10 but I think the rare ring is the only item you have that could be upgraded, everything else would be a minor step up, you got some nice rolls on that stuff!

As for me....don't be gentle guys, I have sucked pretty much since launch, but am building a new PC to return to playing (been spotty off/on since I melted my processor on my AMD, baaaaack to Intel!)

Edit : I know my gear sucks, I try my best but I'm still a little weak to be making the big strides forward, playing on MP0 still.


Items can be improved from every slot

Definitely replace those two rings as a start. You would want something with Int, cc, crit dmg if possible throw in some vit or resistance too. Grab a cheap zuni pox and work towards the 4 set bonus.

Replace the promise of glory with a cheap Int strong arm bracers and you'll have much more survivability.

Drop that mojo, get a thing of the deep, the benefits from mana and pickup with more int+ maybe vit is huge

Definitely replace that belt has like no int or vit what so ever...ditch the pickup on the belt and get int/vit or life %/ all resist if you can

IF you're doing MP0 or can ditch the big bad voodoo and grab soul harvest for much quicker speed runs.


You need to upgrade your gems in your Marrow.

Get a new Pox & a Lacuni with CC if you can afford it.. God knows I can't lol.

You need some more CD.

If you're dying, maybe switch BR to SV. Other than that, you look fine. With the Gems and a little more CD, you'll break through 100k DPS.


I'd move your LoH needs majorly to the amulet and get a higher DPS weapon with a socket. You could also just get blackthorne pants which usually have aroud 300-400 LoH!
Try to also see if you can get gloves with at least 8% CC.
Looking for advice how to improve my build...i only use primary to refill goal would be to handle mp5 ubers while keeping the build , i can farm key at mp5 no problem, but can't do better than mp2 ubers :'(

I could maybe switch some gears with my wizard...not sure...


1. 6.5/10. Not sure if this is your regular or MF gear.
2. You need more AR and HP.
3. Work on your CC to take advantage of your CD.
4. Nice HF ring you have there.
1. 9.5/10 Such good gear.
2. Get a CC Zuni ring. Very hard to critique or give advice to a great character like yours. I would say get lacuni's for more MS, but those strongarm bracers are damn good too.
3. THAT Manajuma's Knife!
1. Nice gear man, kinda in the same boat where I can't give advice without really picking at it.
2. Could I guess aim for more 'average dmg' on jewelry.
3. Could get more life on gear like gloves/helm (though that's a nice VoG, not even sure if that one *could* roll vita).
4. Overall it's solid, most upgrades would cost quite a lot. I'm saving for some lacuni myself.
1. Wow, did we talk about buying the nearly same gear??
2. On my previous point, I'm a bit jealous as your gear is basically the same as mine except it's better! Good work! 9/10
3. I see you're using some creative ways to regen mana like I like to do. So given your setup I'd guess that you could probably use Jaunt instead of Honored Guest on SW for a extra safe cast of ZB against dangerous elites/champs.
4.Like you said, save up for some new bracers as that's obviously your weakest item.

/cringes for my incoming critique

1. 8/10 I'm guessing you use this gear & skills for higher MPs and ubers. Might try those skils for uber runs.
2. Upgrade all your gems, start with the ruby in your helm
3. A Witching Hour would benefit you the greatest at the moment
4. Do you gear swap with reflect damage as you have no LS/LOH? A lifesteal Skorn would be great.

1) Pretty nice gears and good DPS for your WD, 9/10

2) Can prob consider upgrading your Zuni Vision with CC, that will boost your dps.

3) Replacing your Bracer with Lacuni Prowlers for IAS + MS + CC?

4) I'm not sure if LS or LOH is needed for your build? if not upgrading your skorn with LS.

I have a 1804 LoH set for Reflect, LS Skorn's with similar (no Vit) stats are way too expensive for the moment. Working on upgrading gems as the money comes in, for sure, but that's good advice, thanks! Anyone know of a way to find a decent Witching Hour for less than 90m (Int/Vit/AR)? Working on the helm atm, Juando, lost a couple close 27-40m bids in the last few seconds.


Very nice gear, you should get a better weapon tho (3%ls) and a better offhand with more crit and more average damage. Then, you should get a better neck with crit or crit damage in my opinion...wierd build but since im kind of new to WD I will not comment on it!

Very nice POX!

good items. I would get some IAS though witching hour would be a really good upgrade. blackthorne pants would be really good also if you dont mind losing that AR. Your life needs a boost as well as does mine but run with ya can i guess. Next step would probably just accumulate gold and start buying best in slots or just get items with sockets to upgrade the damage.
@ Salutations

Not sure I've seen another WD profile with so much stacked AS. From what I understand it either gives you
1) diminshed returns at a certain point (and what point is that)
2) is OOM an issue? Considering you have zero mana return spells, not even in passive. With PTV that's a 30% increase in mana spent and your mana pool isn't especially high. Its' rather normal.

Can you offer some insight plz?


@ Rakimallah

all i can see is up your gems i dk why i see ppl use skorns alot i tried it didnt like it that much 0.o but thats me but yeah id say like a 7/10... just cause you can always upgrade
I can't see your profile.
o there ya go lol

@ Rakimallah

all i can see is up your gems i dk why i see ppl use skorns alot i tried it didnt like it that much 0.o but thats me but yeah id say like a 7/10... just cause you can always upgrade

I have radiant star gems in every slot... kind of the highest you can get...

And this Skorn was a measly 3m. Got my dps up about 25k. I got lucky with the price I think considering the vital on it.

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