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@mogget you definitely need to get that str up, i would put IK on hold and just get some nice rares with str for your chest, boots, pants, and skorn.
@mowux 8/10 looks like a little attention is needed in the life ball but you are definitly on the right track.

What's not to like, great barb no need to rate. I do wonder about the life but that is just me.
Nice weps and char, Im saving up for new weapons next.
thanks man, ya life isnt really a prob even at 38k but i am saving up for a skorn w/ similar stats in str and cd but with about 180 vit or so...kinda pricey so its a work in progress ;)
@XlSarge. 106k DPS going sword and board. Thats just not normal. You have done very well. You are missing a mempho and you could potentially at high dollar cost upgrade that 1h weap. All and all pretty good for that set up.
Wow diavolos that's one sick barb if there was anything to upgrade it would prolly ur mh to a echoing with similar stats
@Riddick. Nice barb. Wish i could get my dps that high.
I was skipped :(
Thank you. It's not easy finding a perfect echo, I also hate the fear on that weapon.

Not bad for starting off. Definitely want to upgrade your gems when you can, though they have gotten more expensive so not the easiest thing to do. Definitely search around for a socketed off-hand for more crit damage and grab a socketed helm so you can get a life gem in there. Also, definitely want to get your Critical Hit Chance up further as well if you're playing the WW style to keep the fury churning in from Battle Rage - ITF. All in all, it's a good start but definitely room for improvement...5/10

here be my Barb's profile and everything should be up to date (don't believe I have Battle Rage or any buffs up though Bloodthirst has been changed to NoS but might not show): http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Tanakeah-1220/hero/28339220

1. upgrade gems
2. get movement speed on boots/bracers
3. get more str on individual items
4. get socketed helm
@Kabaly: 7/10. You ahve lots of crit hit damage but could get more crit hit chance to make the most of that (helm, amulet, ring). Otherwise sweet though :)

I am digging your build. I am gonna try it out. Upgrade your bling, especially helm slot.

@Hazzabo, nice barb, better than Kabaly you rated 7/10. I would try to find 2 items with additional armor, that could easily give you a 10% armor increase. I would also consider switching to a blackthorne chest and pants, they are not expensive and have a decent 2-item set bonus.
@Shogunmj Very nice! 8/10. Hard to give you an advice that does not consider 10's of mil upgrade. Nice life and armor. Maybe high crit damage an offhand weapon (and still a socket)?

Edit: I would try to increase resist all.
@Dino, very balanced WW barb. I am especially impressed you were able to achieve such high HP and MF. Nice job.

@Myque your barb seems nice. I don't know much about any spec but ww and I don't know a lot about it. Any one got an suggestions about my gear?

Resistances and VIT are excellent but as I tell most WW barbs, moar attack speed! Your offhand looks great so getting LS might be easier on a new main hand. 8/10

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