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@Myque: for Skorn build, you should have get full set of IK imo. Your gears ain't bad, well done. 7/10

You're on the right track, I would look into adding a faster offhand and getting new gloves with high STR, CC and IAS instead of Crit Damage. 7/10
@RedBull: need a high dps MH with perfect crit and socket, everything else seems ok for ww build. 7/10
U might want to change some of your gems to higher ones and some of your vit pieces to str ones
@Tuthan: I think you're version of the WW build is extremely powerful (and quite different from mine)...9.9/10 because hopefully there is always something better down the road.Cheers
@ RedBull i dont know much about WW barbs as i dont find the gameplay to be very fun (even though i have WW setup i have changed it!) anyway! Dino ur barb is f*&%$ sick however i noticed resistances are rather low. How u would fix that and if u would even want to is up to u cos im guessing u !@#$ %^-* up on a daily basis.

Whoever rates me i have changed my skills to bash,rend, revenge, warcry etc so please dont give an upgrade whirlwind wise. Oh and i know my vitality is dirt low im working on it. CHUR
FWP: Overall, you can upgrade your attack speed a little bit more, and instead of a Bul-Kathos mainhand, get an Axe or Mace with high dps, str, chd and open socket. Good luck.
Need better gems - get a blackthornes chest for + 100 vitality (set bonus). EF should be in OH, neeed better MH with LS. around 5.8% ls is plenty with that much damage. U can get rid of your LOH.

For the person reviewing me - please note the lacuni is only for farming purposes. Have a strongham bracers with 235 strength, 29 vit, 8% life, 4.5 crit.
@ tobekilled - awesome WW barb bro, 9/10

me in my mp4-5 farming gear, over 300% MF to start..

full damage gear gets me 98k dps ( i can get over 100 but i like the set at 98K) and about 50k hp.. i can run mp8 but its not very efficient.. and i have some champ packs are just well enough left alone.. but i can get 5 stacks and take down keywardens..

i need a main hand with socket and CD.. but thats hard to find with out breaking the bank..
11/13/2012 05:47 PMPosted by Nikeboy1984
@ tobekilled - awesome WW barb bro, 9/10

Spectacular S&B Barbarian. 2nd best Barbarian in the US! BOOM.
@evarobrut: pretty decent, u might need more dps, try swapping your main for a high dps wep with socket and damage modifiers. 7/10 cheers!
@JotJotJr nice Hellfire ring! 9/10

Just picked up WW spec, my profile:

@dcv you might want to upgrade your chest armor and gems, farming wise you might want to get a all resist lacunis cause the 12ms is pretty good for farming.
11/13/2012 06:06 PMPosted by JotJotJr
@evarobrut: pretty decent, u might need more dps, try swapping your main for a high dps wep with socket and damage modifiers. 7/10 cheers!

thanks, my normal, non farming main is a 1000k dps mace with 100+ str and vit, 2.8 LS, 60 CD on it, no socket tho.. not a bad grab for 5 mil.

main hand:
@lolwut - nice tribal binding!
@TheFear - I am very impressed that you manage such a high DPS for shield using barb. Mad props.

Looking for some item advice for my dude.
Decided to join the fun

@Anthonox Hi. I got lots of things to say about your current build actually but I will try to make it short.

First, your AR a bit too low for me. Try to get near 500. Yours a more tanky build with your choice of skills so I think u need more vitality as well to make revenge work better. 2 handed weapon still lose compared to 2 wielding in most cases. I dun see LS or LOH on your build. U need them. If u find your dps too low, add some IAS, CC and lastly CD.

All the problems above will only be more noticeable if u are fighting in a group or high MP lvl by the way.

Advise ppl on wat I should get next. I thinking one badass DPS amulet.
Get more crit damage. You have really nice balance. But, lacking in the crit damage.
Also, your Echo has really high chance to fear, which is suitable for mid-range seismic slam build or ranged weapon throw build, but not the ww nado barb or rend barb.
So, I advise trying out the build I am currently using (seismic slam).

11/13/2012 07:41 PMPosted by fengshenwee
Advise ppl on wat I should get next. I thinking one badass DPS amulet.

What you should get next is lifesteal. You have enough dps to benefit from lifesteal rather than your life on hit rings. Also I recommend swapping superstition for Bloodthirst.
Also, that hellfire has got to go. Does nothing good for you. You have more than enough strength, instead replace with an attack speed + crit damage ring.
(the only way to benefit from life-on-hit is if you do something like this guy, who stacks it to almost 3k http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/saberfenix-1119/hero/1627180)

otherwise, you can use my lifesteal barb as a reference.
My profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Castablanca-1545/hero/14043412

10/10 man, very nice barb! how much did that ef cost ya?

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