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can someone suggest some new gear for mine
@ Joeh that it is runs trough mp6-7 pretty easily with little deaths if any. Need to upgrade my belt, helm, and need lacunis but all expensive upgrades. Thanks, 6/10 for you Joeh need expensive upgrades that are for sure worth the gold. Ik set is always a bonus
well..... how does he look.


11/13/2012 10:20 AMPosted by KingBenjamin
Rate plz


Why so low? what should i improve?
@Belton, very nice barb bro not much to upgrade with your current set up, however i would add a little more resistance and vitality for survivability. great setup though
It's on my list :P Along with going from the sage gestures I got on a steal -> IK Gloves. Should gain me back ~170 str and some CD/CH%.

They're just so expensive :X
@belton hellfire ring slot could be upgraded to something much better, 9/10 great weps!
Ya I keep the hellfire Ring just for the Exp bonus...been hustling away to get that trifecta...no luck yet though!
@Pean181 nice setup, good dps, nice farming gear on the Enchantress too. Would try to get those Crit gems to 100%, that would put you over 100k dps. You have enogh LS to drop the LoH on your off hand and get more crit damage or IAS.

@Whomever does me, all jewelry, gloves, belt, and OH are found (crafted hellfire obv) items.
@ Joeh.

Looks pretty good. I would reccomend getting a socket in the main hand as the most significant upgrade. As always top tier gems yields top results ! :)





I would suggest getting a partner that's not a complete n00b barb.

@Kiefin: nice gear, maybe a little LS at your MH?
@ KingBenjamin: Looks very good, nice vile ward, maybe pick up an EH?

Suggestions on what to upgrade next (hellfire ring aside, as I am grinding for a better version)
Suggestions? Barb's not my main but he's fun to upgrade.

Not sure what to suggest. I think you're better off than I at this point. Maybe get some more dps?
@TnA: please upgrade those gems, those 34 str gems at the IK chest are hurting my eyes :)

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