SOJ worth it or not?

Demon Hunter
I was using my found soj
+5 holy
+10 disc
+28 %
+9 entangled shot :(
Was working great, then found a ring. That increased dps by. 30k over soj. The damage # shown on monsters when hit are about the same. Any knowledge out there.
I have both SoJ and skullgrasp rings... I usually keep them in my backpack but don't use 'em often at all.

the 30k is probably a "not realistic number"

Turn off your ShSh and then compare rings side by side. What you haven't provided is what the new ring has.

SoJ is not a bad ring but you should really consider if it is worth using or not due to the most benefit is against elites and they don't really have primary stats nor normal stats like CC/CD/ASI so it gimps you quite bit wearing it

If you take off ShSh and lets just say you are wearing the SoJ and your base DPS is 100k with the SoJ on. the SoJ can get you 28k extra damage to the elites. You can compare this to whatever ring you found. If the ring you found shows the same 30k dps increase over the SoJ withouth ShSH then there is your answer.. you do 30k more damage 100% of the time vs 28% more elite damage

SoJ I think are good rings when training up new classes. but you can't use them on normal characters as it has a lvl 60 requirement.
a good one is def worth it vs elites... which is what should be giving u trouble, trash mobs should be easy kills with or without the 30k paper dps shown from a regular ring
Stone of Jordan is a tricky item. You want an incredible DPS without one of your rings before getting one. This is just an arbitary number, but I would probably consider a SoJ if I had 200k DPS unbuffed while only wearing one ring.
I have a 29% elites/11% spike trap SOJ. I only use it against elites/Ubers (swap out in between), and it gives a boost to my primary damage dealer (spike trap), otherwise I wouldnt use it

dps against whites: 255k
against elites: 285k
spike trap critdmg vs elites without SOJ: 1m dmg
spike trap critdmg vs elites with SOJ :1.4m dmg

I only use it while doing key/uber runs. I dont bother while farming (use hellfire ring instead)
SOJ imo is the most OP ring in the game so far, i've been using it for everything including paragon farming, white mobs gets 1 shot easily, whereas elites take a little longer time to kill if u want to maximize your run speed, its necessary to have a SOJ to take down elites fast.
When i am using SOJ on elite it feels like i am using a 1300dps 2 socket manticore
I was using my found soj
+5 holy
+10 disc
+28 %
+9 entangled shot :(
Was working great, then found a ring. That increased dps by. 30k over soj. The damage # shown on monsters when hit are about the same. Any knowledge out there.

If the rare ring you're talking about is the one w/ 9 ias and cd its not really giving you 30k because you are using sharpshooter, but its easy to check see if soj is worth it or not. For example if I have 200k dps w/ a rare ring and 180k dps w/ 28% soj than I am doing 230.4k(dps x soj percentage) against elites. The soj would net me a 30k increase against elites, but 20k decrease against everything else.
my dps without my soj is 234k unbuffed
with my soj its 200k
my hellfire ring is 33k more dps than my soj but i only use soj for ubers or mp8+ elite farming
atm i just stick to mp1 alk runs cause its 20 mil exp every 10 mins with my hellfire ring
get one with a skill you use mine is 30% elite + 10% bolashot so thats 40% extra damage to elites with my bola
SOJ increase the damage u done to elite, not ur dps shown on ur character, it is the damage that appears in the screen where your damage pops out. Your dps consist of CC/CHD/IAS, etc so its not accurate to say its a 30k increase or anything like that because the 30% damage is added on the damage u deal to elite. For example u are hitting 100k on an elite w/o SOJ and when u equipped a SOJ u are doing 130k damage. If u get a ring with lets say 6% CC and 9% ias, it increases your dps shown on your character but your damage output on the elite is still 100k.
Hope i made that clear to u guys
I see everybody talking DPS and damage. Dont forget rings also bring Vit/AR/CC/CD, ect...

Sold my SOJ a month ago and I'm not missing it any second.
SOJ is worth it only if your dps is already high enough that you're killing mobs fast and the skill bonus is something that you use.

I lost 30k dps using SOJ but gained 30k vs elites.
It depends on what type of SoJ you get. Mine has +5% cold damage, +27% elite, and +5% HA.

If you run the CTW passive, anything that's cold snared from the +cold dmg also gets the +15% CTW boost. I prefer it to steady aim passive, as you can face tank and still get the bonus damage.

I don't trust DPS numbers very much as skill bonuses and complementary skills / passives aren't well accounted for.

(ignore my goofy current build if it's using strafe - that's for mp1 runs)

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