New Diablo rival

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Prepare for some epic loot!
Thought the same thing. That elephant owns.
Diablo / Blizzard / > other games
epicly fun......
Blizzard need to nerf that cannon thing... its killing me :(
Well that was fun.

Pretty easy game though not very informative when it comes to what str/dex/int actually does (I'm assuming it ups your damage of sword/gun/wand).
Lol. Lots of fun
fun game, easy though.
Thats one hell of a good game.. even the Prime Evil gonna change xD
Ha thanks OP.
Holy crap this game is fun. Stole away almost an hour of sleep XD
beat it in under a hour. It is interesting but not better then diablo
u have to double jump to get over the ball or stand back far enough

had to stop playing or i wouldn't stop lol
Hah, that was 20 mins well wasted :)

But ya, like stated, it would have been nice to know what all of the stats did ahha.

I just stacked MF until I got a gun that one shot everything haha.
Honestly, that was more fun than playing D3.
Well that was a half hour well spent :D

Thanks OP.

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