Calamity vs Manticore question

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I've used a 13xx / 190 dex /190 chd Manticore since months but I wanted to try something new so I' bought a Calamity with 11xx /195 chd.
My dps was 234k earlier ( 2 x 12 % elemental dmg from soj and Quiver not included) and went down about 8% after the switch but I've noticed that when I crit I used to see yellow numbers above 240k with manticore. Now with the same skills I wont see more than 130k or so. How is this possible if my dps went down only 8% ?
Okay that is the meaning of dps (damage per second) you are now doing far more shots per second so the damage is broken down into 2 130's instead of one 260 shot. You still do the same damage just much faster over more shots.
^^ what Ghostboner said

you are shooting faster and it is spread amongst multiple shots based on your APS. :)
Try doing some clear speeds.. Time them up.. if your DPS really dropped by only 8%.. You might be able to clear things faster..

Also.. another reason might be is because 1Handers tend to have a low MINIMUM damage and a high MAXIMUM damage.. so the damage from skills and crits vary?
Hmm I'm not sure that I like it. My speed went up from 2 to 3 but the crits I do is only the half : / Also I have to do more succesfully hits to do the same damage while hatred is spent much faster but also can be generated faster ofc. I've used 90% the the time elemental damage and didn't had any hatred problems . I may switch back. On the positive note Nigt Stalker is more efficient with Calamity.
What they said, AND, you're probably doing MORE damage now, since your paper dps dropped 8% and the monsters take 12% more dmg from MfD.

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