I rarely brag...but I have to now...


But this Manajuma's is epic...and my gf just gave it to me after she found it.

981.5 dmg
96% crit chance
2.80% life steal
Open Socket (100% crit gem is in it now)
That's a good gf
It is worth a lot and coupled with my (2nd) Zuni pox I found...I could be uber rich....but instead...I have like 5 mil gold to my name. The first couple weeks of 1.0.5 were good to me...but things have normalized. On the flipside...my girl is getting all the good drops now :D She's only paragon like 13 or something.
wow very nice
It better be a GFG ring after she gave you that manajuma's...:)
11/16/2012 10:16 AMPosted by Bryanw1995
It better be a GFG ring after she gave you that manajuma's...:)

Like a Hellfire ring? Those are account bound, though. Maybe a Litany
Grats on your knife.

Ive IDed 4 of those so far, best was 90X dps without a socket :(
I'm confused... are you bragging about your weapon, or the fact that you have a gf who games with you and hooks you up with cool stuff?
I believe it is both lol.
11/16/2012 12:18 PMPosted by yuwy
I believe it is both lol.

Yeah, I agree, heh

Completely on a side note, but I hate how the TotD looks on the character select screen, it ticked me off enough that I decided not to use one on my old WD, hehe. Yes.... I am that shallow when it comes to the looks of my character....
That knife is awsome 100+ mil
so jelly right now
11/16/2012 01:13 PMPosted by Zodd
so jelly right now

so jelly scrub
not really jelly of the knife
just...a gf who plays d3 ;)
"My GF will reciprocate for each response I get to this thread" How awesome is that?
Where does it say that?
Oh goodness :D haha

Yeah I was kinda bragging about both. That knife is way awesome (and the gf haha). Gonna keep it. Really can't wait for my BNet profile to update though! ahah

I'm in trouble already though :( She wanted to come over this morning and I was sleeping too long haha! Oh well...she's on the way now. Hopefully, finding me more gear!
you lucky son of a...

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