Rate Barb above you v11

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Saw other one was full, please rate me, and thank you.

I've increased my crit chance to 20% by passives.Trying to find upgrades for DPS and all res.

1/10. you look like you are just starting up as a barb?

you need to up your movement speed get at least 12% from boots, 24% total move speed is a big plus for the whirlwind build

MH needs a socket, OH gem should be an emerald, Try and get a mighty belt with Life steal, mid range weapons with sockets are quite cheap now so you should be able to get decent socket with LoH or LS weapons without too much trouble.

You will want crit % on your rings as a bare minimum. Amulet should also have crit % same for gloves

You should not be using Windshear as your rune for WW, use the hurricane rune. You can afford to lose some hp, try to keep it around 40k+ though
Great Barb. Should replace offhand with something that has LoH. How do you survive agaisnt mobs that have reflect damage?
@Kiss very nice 8.5/10 need alittle bit more AR and some more CC

Sick Witching Hour and Lacuni. Very attacking build. The only issue is the potential lack of AR (particularly when you drop War Cry). I understand there is no place for the 2nd IK piece but IK chest can be a good contender.
@yuench 9.5/10 nice barb bud
@Laterade Nice barb mate, I really like the Hellfire ring. 9.5/10
@Grund -- holy cow @ your HP. Nice work! 7/10 -- damage could be way better.

Nice work, after past 700 hrs of play sure knows what is right. 9.5/10

THats a lot of damage , force march implies you are playing with team mates too , nice barb ! high end ! 9/10

20 more AR on leg slot kid...wtf are those skinny jeans?

-great barb

20 more AR on leg slot kid...wtf are those skinny jeans?

-great barb

Nice build chief...cant say id change much
@ Geezer
very nice DPS
Vit is lacking as well as ar but if you can play it it's awesome

use when grinding mp 3 legendaries and exp. perfectly viable and my hp doesnt move...just @*!%#!@#
have 180 vita 2 sock blacks for ubers and a great ik helm. so i alternate those 2 slots. always 200k+ dps anyways
@easystreet, definitely your MH, get one with OS with roughly the same base DPS /OH, a sword or dagger with base 650-800 base dps, native CD, LS , OS and core stats will be boost your dps more.

over all, solid barb 8/10.

Very finely built! Speedy mower with great offense and built to tank. Great defense and offense balance. As i have seen a lot of one sided barbs(leaning more on offense), seeing your balnced build is a sight for sore eyes. The only room for improvement i see here is better dps weapons (your main hand wep is overkill crit damage though).
Overall, with your build i think you'll encounter minimal problems even at mp10. You've got no chink in your armour my fellow barb.


Rate mine!;P
nice gear only suggestion i got is u have a piece of this and a piece of that from diff sets maby grab a piece or two too get the bonuses from that set like Imk set for example other then that not bad but always room for improvment and or vile ward shldrs are nice as well
Just hit 60 a few days ago, my monk is my most played.
Hey hey. So I've got about 50mil to spend at the moment and I'm just wondering what I should look to upgrade first. Thanks in advance :)

(Also, can anyone tell me why in game I have 47.5% CC and on my profile it says only 37.5%?)

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