Problems concerning The Americas server

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Hello Blizzard, I think a lot more people than we think are experiencing problems with The Americas server, especially those who have bought the game yesterday and used the key with their Starter account. A friend of mine experienced this and upon scouring this Forum, we have come to conclusion that a lot of people are experiencing this and yet there are no official statements and or blue posts. We have all tried the aforementioned tweaks on the knowledge base and even here, such as logging into different servers and changing passwords to force refresh. All without avail. The symptoms are as follows:

1) Bought retail boxed D3 DVD and used the CD Key on a Starter account
2) account management claims that it is now Standard Edition, although The Americas server still says that it's Starter
3) When you change passwords, you will not be able to login to The Americas server with an error number of 3.
4) Surprisingly, you can login to Europe and Asia using the OLD PASSWORD.

I am convinced that this is an issue on your side and is also the reason why you are going to reset your servers later at 5am - 7am PST. But please, keep us posted that such issues exists, so we don't crawl in the dark panicking and guessing stuff. Hopefully it would be fixed after the reboot. I feel ashamed for some of my friends who have bought it yesterday (after days of convincing/persuading them to play the game) since they just bought it and they're getting this kind of service. We just want to have a good time playing. Cheers.

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