CM/LL Shower build (videos)

So this is the build I have been running:!cbg!cbZaZc

I have 1.87 Attacks per second
52% crit chance
unbuffed DPS 109k
unbuffed EHP 330k

Living Lightning is the basis of the build - it generates SO much AP, and not bad procs.
Meteor is the AP spender, I prefer shower or molten impact, but it really depends on play style.
Frost nova, diamond skin, and Explosive blast serve to protect you while you are standing and spraying, including practically channeling meteor sometimes, and you can DPS with EB, sometimes as good as CM/WW.
I am using pinpoint barrier right now, for obvious reasons.
Critical mass and evocation are for FN/DS/EB
Prodigy is to put living lightning over the top for resource generation (basically a full globe every cast no matter what.)

My goal was to not have to sacrifice EHP (or real life dollars) for attack speed, plus I hate twisters, they just aren't fun to play for me, but I wanted to stop ignoring crowd control. After trying LL to cooldown Archon, I was hooked on the idea of building LL as a CM engine.

Attack speed is still important for this build (hence I have a 1.55 attacks wand), but not as crucial.

I am actually not that great at playing this, as you will see from the video (which I stupidly took right after changing my button setup). My new setup will be better eventually, but I need to get used to it. You will be able to see my Arcane globe staying full way too often, even when spamming meteor, I generate so much AP with prodigy + 18 APoC, and I need to get better at spending it when I have it.

Fields of Slaughter Monster power 3

Tower of the Damned Monster power 3

Yes I could probably play at higher MP levels, but right now MP3 is my fastest XP/Hour so that is where I play, because until I am lvl 100, that is the point of the game to me. I tried MP7 and could do a decent key run, but the xp is too bad to keep my attention.

Problems with this build that other cousin builds don't have:

Because this build targets basically the whole screen, while maintaining the FN/DS/EB portion of standard CM/WW builds, there are a lot of "wasted" casts of close range spells. Shocking aspect, similarly doesn't work when you are targeting things all over the screen. It is possible that this problem could be solved by simply using a smaller meteor and choosing to engage at melee range instead of screen spamming.

Damage passives suffer. Half or more of the mobs I kill are not in frost nova range, so cold blooded would be a waste. Conflag might work, but I don't think it would be worth it solo.

Freeze lockdown is probably limited to stutter lock regardless of your attack speed. Again with perfect play, you could probably get a lot closer to lockdown than I do.

Meteor interrupts other casting for an insane amount of time. I can stutterlock with just LL, and even proc EB decently that way, but Meteor stops me casting other stuff for so long that for some elite affix combos I either have to stop casting meteor or semi-kite with meteor while my cooldowns proc. I was running this build without meteor for a while, so you CAN kill with just LL/EB/FN/DS, but it is not as good as WW/CM and not as fun as meteor spam.

Things to try:
I toyed with the idea of using Energy Tap and/or astral presence for a bigger AP pool. Because I am spending and generating so much, it makes sense that a bigger battery would be better, but it hasn't panned out because I am not spending what I have now, having 150 AP is a waste until I am sure I can spend it all.

Lower MP levels: Wormhole instead of pinpoint. I was doing this in MP1 before, no shield spell, just teleport instead, but with a more streamlined act 3 run, running between packs is so seldom that teleport has a diminishing return for xp/hr.

I THINK this is a build with much more forgiving breakpoints. I.E. you can run it with much crappier gear. With the standard CM/WW you just can't run it at all until you reach certain breakpoints, and I think that isn't as true with this one, which would be nice for people with lower gear.
i just threw together a cm wiz and i, too, chose to go with living lightning. i think it's a really great, seemingly underutilized, skill for a cm wiz. my specs are nowhere near as good as yours, but i can get thru mp4 easy enough. i plan to give ubers a shot this weekend.

i actually use duplicates instead of pinpoint barrier for breaking frozen/jailer and other utility. also, i didn't know there was a cc-increasing skill.

my only real problem are wallers, since the walls nullify any LL that walks into it, but that can usu. be solved by simple kiting.

also, i don't know if this is a staple for cm wizzes, but the life-on-hit potential is unreal.
LL can hit through a waller's wall. Shoot them off parallel to the wall and they can shock guys just on the other side of it. With LL keep in mind that you want the longest travel time, not the most direct path. IF you can get it to walk next to a mob it is way better than getting it to walk through the mob and then into a wall.
great little post about LL. You should see what it does against belial with 2.8 APS when you let them walk parallel to him. Pretty insane dmg TBH.

The way LL works with the way you walk is the MOST important thing about using a LL build. You can cast, step, cast, step, cast, step. Do this by simply holding you walk button (mine is `) + Shift and clicking your mouse to drift forward a little lightning man.

Thats the biggest problem i see with the way youre using this build. LL is the most mobile wizzy build ive found yet.

how did you record this video? Id like to do one similar to show you what i mean, or add me in game and i can show u first hand and possibly discuss some of the finer points of LL procs and benefits of cold blooded with it
I use a program called "FRAPS" it is not free. (well it is free for 30 second videos)

Oh I was testing Molten impact a little and I ran into an extra health reflect pack, got it on video:
Just have to go heaver on the LL, lighter on the meatballs if you want to live :)
Yeh, with enough LoH LL owns RD, as long as you dont go balls to the walls dmg right off the bat lol

i was trying to record video to show u what i meant but was having trouble staying alive due to the stutter lag created by recording software

added u in game tho

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