amulet for sale

+115 INT
+27 Poison Resist
Attack speed increased by 6%
+170 ARMOR
+21% extra gold from MONSTERS
critical hit chance increased by 7.5%

how about a price check then?
It's prob worth about 1m, though I'd put it on the AH for 500k start with a 3-4m bin just in case you get a few people bidding on it.
You want to sell it to me, Rex? I could use a +crit +armor +ias ammy when I hit 60. I can prob only go about bryan's 1M for it, though, so if you want to AH and see if it will go for more, definitely do that.
Don't listen to Anomie, he won't get back to 60 until pvp comes out...

I am going to run as far as I can this weekend, work permitting. may not make full 60 but we'll see how it goes.
I will sell it to you when I get home Anomie... we can work out a price somewhere around 3gold.
I'm on now... for a bit if you wanna pm me
Oh, man. I ended up being wicked tired and slept instead of played. You shouldn't go 3 gold, you should sell it to me for more. :D I'll be on and around today.
rexgoliath and I came to an amicable agreement, allowing my purchase of this amulet.

It took a ton of haggling, though:

(backwards haggling is the best kind of haggling- thanks for a good deal on the ammy, rexgoliath - if I ever sell it for more I'll be sure to cut you in. If you let me :) )
that's a really nice ring. 5 very useful stats on a ring is pretty rare. I'd guess it's worth 2-3 mil.

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