Requesting advice on Meteor build

Ok, I'm using mara's, skull grasp, tal rashas source, soj and storm armor (power of storm rune) for a total of -21 AP meteor coast and -28 AP cost when I have Diamond skin (prism rune) active.
I'm using tals helm, chest, belt, and source along with familiar (arcanot rune) for a total of 16 AP regen per second.

I have a few questions.
1. does ais effect the damage of meteor directly? I know it increases the rate of attack therefore increasing your DPS but is the damage from meteor taking the damage shown when you look in your inventory or does it strictly use the damage that you would deal in a single attack?
2.Magefists? I have +3% fire damage, +20% fire skill damage magefists and I find it hard to believe that these wouldn't be essential for a meteor build. I'm using the meteor shower rune that does 104% damage for each of the 7 meteors for a total of 728% damage over aoe. This weapon alone (as per my theory) would increase the damage over the aoe to 889%. Is this correct?

could I get a little guidance?
I thought it was more valuable to do APOC and CC. But not sure.

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