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Witch Doctor
I'm at a crossroads I'm wondering which path I should go down.

Option #1: Currently I'm using a knife and toad with 2 pieces of Zuni. I want to get a Pox for my 3rd piece but the prices for the ones I want are very expensive, so it boils down to getting Zuni Boots or Skull to complete my Zuni Set.

Option #2: If I scrap my knife and toad in favor of a Skorn it looks like my overall dps could go up drastically but I may be loosing out on the secondary benifits of my knife and toad. If I go Skorn then I would have to pick up the Zuni Boots to complete my Zuni set but I like my current set of boots.

I mainly use the Toad for the 20 yard pick up radius and that's about it.

My main attack skills are Rain of Toads and Acid Rain. I also run with Dogs and Garg for support.

I don't mind a normal run speed since I normally run solo and speed is rarely an issue for me. I know a lot of WD's love the MS buff but each time I look at a piece of gear with MS on it, it seems that a different piece of gear would give me a nicer advantage.

Could some of the WD's that has been down this path give me their thought on this?

Thanks in advance.

You wont have enough crit without the offhand to use skorn. You need much more crit if you plan on using a skorn to make up the 8% loss from losing the offhand. I would go after 4 piece zuni for your next upgrade.
I just went down this path this Upgraded my knife today for one w a socket. Zuni boots are pretty nice...and so is a good toad. I'm right at 100k Dps without ptv.
One of the reasons I'm asking this is that when I see a Skorn in the chat window I bring it up and look at how it affects my WD. A lot of the Skorns can boost my DPS buy as much as 24k and I'm already sitting at about 124k dps. If when you look at another item in chat or in your inventory and the stat changes you see on that unequiped item reflects all the changes done to you if you equiped it, taking in consideration that you will be removing 2 pieces of gear then the unequiped item looks very appealing.

Any other comments on the Skorn vs. Non-Skorn WD weapon selection?



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