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Demon Hunter
I quit playing D3 not long after the patch that raised repair bills by approx 10 times. It's been awhile but i've been back playing for several weeks now(at least 30-40 hours) and i'm pretty sure i'm doing something wrong.

My DH doesn't have alot of Magic/Gold Find and i'm only at paragon level 9 or 10, so i realize that i wont be getting as many legendaries/gold from runs that other people do. After saying that, though, i've been farming Keywardens/elites/entire area's/etc and nothing seems to be helping the slightest bit. I have found 1 legendary in my entire time spent playing d3 and it was unusable by my only level 60. I have found one set piece(from not long after release, a long time ago). I currently play at MP2 for everything i do.

I've tried doing gold runs, magic find runs, keywarden runs, uber boss runs, etc and only have 2M gold, 1 unusable legendary, and one usable rare. I've tried farming on MP1, 2, and 3(the only 3 levels i can do right now with such bad gear/low paragon level). Nothing seems to work. I feel like i've probably missed out on some key farming techniques that people have come up with in the long period i was absent.

What are some of the things that you guys are doing to farm gold/gear/etc. After weeks of playing since I came back, it still feels like the old D3. 100+ hours of farming with only 1-2 usable pieces of gear and very little gold to show for it.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as i am starting relive my original dislike of D3 in that i'm spending weeks of farming/grinding with not single drop to show for it.
Doing key runs and ubers at level 1-3 is like riding a bicycle with no chain, great exercise but it won't get you too far. Just set your mp to 1, that in turn makes every creature in the game in all acts a lvl 63 creature and capable of dropping any item in the game. Just farm away from there, focus on leveling your paragon and the items will come. As far as keywardens go whatever MP level you are on that is the % chance times 10 you have of getting the key and the same with uber parts so party up in general chat with some like leveled folks and get a hellfire ring which will boost your experience gain. Also a helm with a socket and a ruby also greatly speeds it up. Good luck.
Hi i also just started playing my dh again. Paragon 13. Add me and i will help you with farming. Also maybe advice on builds.
I agree with ghostboner...... just choose MP1 and for the time being concentrate on paragon. You will get drops.

Typically A1 is going to be the best.. you can get good elites in cemetary and doing butcher runs in the halls Can't see your Profile but till you get to the point you have good gear I wouldn't waste too much time on keys/ubers till you can do mp5 with others (at least hold your own). Then I'd go more for key farming and ubers as many can help to carry you through them.

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