How rich are you ?!

Witch Doctor
For my part I cant seem to get any good drops so I am not selling anything
Just out of curiosity tell the amount of Millions you have.

Plus if you wanna share what big item you got and for how much you sold it or any crazy Sniping in AH you made !

I have 12 m and the craziest thing ive ever got was a tal rasha glare source ( found in keeps A3 ) that i sold for 60 m

Your turn!
i sold a skorn with 1400+dps 300dex and 5.9% life steal for 340m. then a found a vile ward with 250dex and +7% life which sold for 80m.

in hindsight- wow, ive wasted so much gold! as my gear certainly doesnt reflect my earnings lol.

i now have just over 1m to my name after buying my zuni pox.
Nice pox how much did you pay for that?
I have 450 mil left after buying 225 mil worth of WW Barb gear.
I found these and sold them for 350 mil, little under 300 after the tax.

Funded my current gear, minus the boots which i found. I still have 125 mil leftover. Belt and rings are the next upgrade.
I have sold 1 item for 90m, and nothing else for more than 10m. Right now I have 30m gold and would guess my lifetime earnings are around 200m
Damn i cant seem to be that lucky lol i just got an immortal helm 6 cc with 138 str and 60 something vit plus the life 11% i put way under the lowest in AH and still doesnt sell i start to hate AH either you have to put price extremely low or selling a CRAZY roll on something otherwise its getting harder to sell stuff . Its almost a joke IMO
Nice boots Koinbahd
I hope to get a drop like that i need money lol
Most I've ever had at one time was 160 million. I found a nice Immortal Kings chest that I sold for close to 100M, the rest was just accumulation of selling random stuff a few million at a time.

The Immortal Kings chest is the only piece I've ever sold for more then 10M.
100m for a piece is still good though
i'm an AH junky. as soon as i hit like 20m i can't control myself and i piss it all away on minor upgrades.

i was saving up for a skull grasp with int, cd, and WoZ cd reduction that was on the AH for 15. been watching for a ring with those stats for literally weeks. finally saved 13mil, went home during my lunch break not 45 minutes ago to fine ANOTHER skull grasp with those stats for 1 mil.

picked up that, a new zuni vision, and now i'm sitting on 7, hoping i'll be able to control myself and save up for a decent upgrade.
Sold a nice Bul-Kathos weapon for 195m at one point, a decent zuni armor and IK armor for about 50-70m each. But the biggest item I sold was a 1100dps monk set weapon -- a $250 item on RMAH (still in my paypal account along with another $100 worth of items sold on RMAH). Right now, I sit with 7m in the gold bank lol.
Lol funny EindacorDS i can see myself in your speech
oh, and i sold a skorn with life steal for 90mil pre-patch. spent all that money on a zuni set which now is probably worth maybe 10mil total.
The highest valued item I sold was for 25 mil right before 1.04 came out.

I'm relatively poor, I think I have 3 mil just now.
I have about 75mil on hand as of now, but I spent about 300mil yesterday on a couple of pieces. almost everything that I have I got the gold from selling items that I find. I have bought about 400mil in gold total and the rest is from AH sells.
11/16/2012 10:57 AMPosted by Azaroth
Nice pox how much did you pay for that?

i bought it for 150m about 15 minutes after it was listed. im sure the seller regrets it as the cheapest 6cc pox should be closer to 200m. still sucks blowing your entire BR on one item...
been so tempted at times to spend a little cash for gold, but that crosses a line for me personally. i know how my brain works, and if i can justify spending $10, $15 for gold, i'd eventually justify spending $50 or $60.

shopping for houses, saving for a wedding, it's hard for me to justify spending any more money on a game.

I sold a 8.5CC, 34 AR Duncraig Ammy pre 1.05 for 225m
I also got my lacuni's as a drop which I believe is worth another 225m but I decided to keep them

The rest of my gear is bought through AH but the best purchase I've ever made was currently the Skorn that I'm using for 150k. I till cannot believe I got that I got it for 150k. 150k! 150k! 150k! It never sinks in even after a week lol.
Sold Nat's Reflection with 4.5% cc for $250
Sold another Nat's ring with AR for $175
Sold Blackthorne's pants with high int/vit + 2 os for $125
Sold rare trifecta ring for $85

Big ticket finds I opt for making some real money off of. I get the gold from <50 mil sales of legendary / set drops. Right now I have 85 mil.

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