how is my witch doctor?

Witch Doctor
Jus wanted to see what you guys think of my witch doctor since i have last posted on these forms, and see if i am headed in the right direction. so if you guys could let me know if i am headed in the right direction with reguards to gearing and skills that would be great! Also could you let me know if the zuni pieces that i have aquired are any good (low,med,great) i would really appciate that.

Thanks guys again, and i hope that i am not being too much trouble!
noone has any suggestions?
Your chest is medium to low. It needs more Int as do your legs. Your amulet needs another DPS stat like IAS or CD. Your shoulders are bad... You can get better int, vit/life, and AR for fairly cheap.

In general I feel like you are going the right direction but looks like you need more AR. You have a lot of specific resists that should be made into AR like your boots, leggings, and lacuni. You also need crit on your helm. you can get some fairly cheap gloves with IAS, CC and AR or CD, CC, AR.

I am by no means an expert, but just my two cents.
Your shoulders and Amulet needs the most work.

Shoulders: Try to find one with higher INT 190~ Vile wards are nice, if you have the gold. Or you can search for one with 150~ INT 100~ VIT, AR, and PUR if possible.

Amulet: Look for a Ammy with both CD, CC, VIt and INT, +DMG is a plus.

Helm: My suggestion is to find a similar stat zunni helm, but instead of that little 25 AR, get one with mana regen.
We run pretty similar skill set ups. You have good taste ; )

Yeah, definitely headed in the right direction. You should be able to get a decent pair of int vile wards for really cheap. I'd look into those being your next purchase. Get some vita on em if you can.

Recount pretty much summed up everything I would've said. Looking great considering you're only level 8.

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