Game crash randomly can't reopen

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i was playing with my friend to drop the pan for the new ring when he start the game i was in item trader (maybe related) then the game close (no error or anything)
then i try to reopen it but when i double click on the icon the game make an initialization but when its finish load (befor the luncher we press start) the process stop so impossible to reopen i try delete the folder like some ppl said on very old post and no reaction u restarted the pc then its install the new patch (the one from today) when its finish i press play and nothing hapen and the luncher don't open back and return stuck at initialization

sry for bad english :S i hope you can see the error


need (redémarer) reopen ur pc and close all third program like muble

il hope suport can find a way to fix that kind of error

btw i wait near 1h-2h to reopen the game its may be a temporay error who last more than 15min

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