Msi.Redbullan Stream!

My name is Jonas Åberg, I am 20 years old currently living in Umeå, Sweden.. I have been playing competitive & semi competitive since 2004, in FPS, Moba and Strategy (Cod4, Hon, Sc2). My Bmi is 32.2.

Now playing Diablo 3 aside of dota!

In my stream you will find yourself in a friendly place with alot of bromance! I do alot of gearchecks, Subscriber items giveaway and more!

Diablo achievements:
- Rank 1 Unbuffed DPS EU, 3 WORLD (Pre 1.0.5).
- Top 20 First Diablo Kill Inferno EU

Come join in on the fun! I stream as much as I possibly can,
The kitty swag this guy has is created by a powerful being that rules the universe!
Dude is beast!! Follow and learn!!!!!!!!

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