Manticore?? should i sell or build a DH?

Demon Hunter
Hi all, just got this drop from the keywarden in Act 1, 1294 dps, 192 dex, 106 vit, 11 % as, 80 cd and 1 soc. Should i sell or build a DH around it?
Depends if you are bored of your barb or not. Which also depends if you want to gear your barb into GG or not :D!

Nice find btw!

I am super jelly xD
i'd build a demon hunter around that weapon. This way you barb can rest or take a vaction
Yeah my Barb has been talking about taking the enchantress away for the weekend with his hunk of salted meat.
Well it's up at the AH for 500mill 1 bill buyout we shall see how it goes...

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