How can I upgrade my witch doctor?

Witch Doctor
I want to get around 150k dps. i know i need perfect gems but what else can i get to improve my WD?
Gloves with CC & CD
the armory thing is not up to date yet cause i have 71k dps now
i have gloves with 10% crit chance and 34% damage
CC on your Helm and your rings would help, but I know the Zuni helm can get expensive. You should also get a couple pieces with IAS. Maybe not go crazy but some more would help. Also may want to look at a higher dmg mojo.
Higher damage mojo, CC & CD on gloves and ammy. Socketed MCK.
1. Get a TofD with a socket and more damage.
2. Upgrade all the topazes to at least star grade.
3. Someday if prices ever normalize trade in the weapon for one with cd, ls and a socket -- very expensive right now.

Also, you might consider a tal ammy with poison damage based on your skill set.
By far your easiest opportunity to upgrade is your mojo (Higher damage roll)

Your neck should be upgradeable for fairly cheap as well.

If you want to stick with 1-hander, you can think about working towards getting enough survivability on other pieces so you can skip the lifesteal weapon for an echoing fury (siginificantly more damage). I have an LoH neck, +healing globes stats, and life on kill on various pieces, and don't need lifesteal. This can get tricky, but keep an eye out for these stats when upgrading, and you might be able to move away from that weapon.

The other weapon route is to go with a socketed int skorn, which gives you a lot of bang for your buck on crit chance stats due to huge crit damage. I found I was able to easily increase my dps a lot this way. I personally didn't like it for my playstyle, because while it makes zombie bears awesome, your secondary attacks like poison darts/corpse spiders are less user friendly because they are too slow.
Couple of other thoughts:

1. Think about upgrading that sorc merc. I would get a cheap Grand Vizer for the 40+ mf and replace the ammy and ring with high mf ones. Alternatively, you could add a crowd control ammy instead of mf. If you have an extra hellfire ring and you want the exp, put it on her.

2. I use an echoing fury with loh and a perfect emerald for pure damage. However, I seem to do better when using a ls weapon, even though I have a lot of loh. This is especially true when using bears because of their lower proc rate. Also, life steal helps you survive reflected damage when using bears, but not for too long if your damage is high and you keep spamming bears.

I did try the spamming bear builds where you never run out of mana. It does work well and will probably go back to it, but you do need to switch out PtV, which lowers your damage number.

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