Demon Hunter
Im sick of playing with randoms who dont know what the hell is going on, id like to get a pack of people who regularly play, not everyday, but run enough that its a habit, to play with. add me, whoever you are add me idk, as long as you can hold own. thank you :)
You can add me, we have similar DH. I have between 112K and 131K dps (no SS, with steady aim) depending if I have my SOJ on. About 30K hp and 200 AR, 350 physical resist. MP 3 and 4 are really easy. I like to play MP5 to 7, depending on if I have a tank/melee in the group.
im down dude..i dont have a lot of resist but i farm fine for what i have..if we turn out to be a good team and we add some more beast players i might have some gear to give away lol
I need people to run with. Usually do mp6 for keys and whatnot.
@Crash: I sent a friend request

@pak1351: you can add me too if you like!
Add me if u like. I usually paragon lvling on my own but im always down for key runs. 130k dps no ss and sa.

But im in gmt+8. I usually play from 9pm to 12pm on weekdays. Full time job yeay.
I'm down for this. 113k DPS w/ SA...~450 AR, 4800 Armor, 46k HP. Logging off now but will be back this weekend.
Add me any one I'm up for runs fairly regular I got 330k ehp and 108 dps with 500 ar so fairly tanky
I play with a lot of other players ... DH/BARB/WD/WIZ but always like playing with good peeps.

feel free to add me.

I vary my play. Some days it is key runs and ubers .. other days it is full out farming in MP1 for fast runs and exp. Just depends. I play a lot of group play for keys/ubers and usually do MP7 for ubers. MP8 or higher I go DH Tank mode usually.
Anyone feel free to add me also. about 130k with my manticore, still working on some better defense for the new setup but I don't die very often as it is.

I like to change it up between mp1 speed runs and keys/ubers.

And I get reallllllly bored when I play by myself so I'm usually in a public game with idiots. I feel your pain! lol
^^^ everyone add me, and we'll get this party started..
Please count me in too, i've only played MP0 with random games, no idea how high MP I can go but willing to give it a go
Feel free to add me also, 170k w/o SS and SA 47k HP. I'm a certified addict. :)
Feel free to add me to play

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