Set items in Followers... bug?

Bug Report
Hi there!

Recently I equipped my Enchantress with set rings "Legacy of Wicked Dreams" - when You check my hero profile ( ) set (2) bonus is active but in game is inactive (greyed) and during houres of play, I didn't notice any Skeleton which would fight for me.

Bonuses from legendary items are working... so... it's a bug that bonuses from set items didn't?
I have the same problem, i wrote a support ticket, and blizzard replied that it was a bug, and i should create a post in this forum, but now i see you already did the work, thank you :)

My original error description: Bonus abilities from set items does not work when used by followers. My templar is wearing litani of the undaunted and the wailing host, together they should give me the bonus ability of summoning of skeleton and magic and gold-find, but the bonus is not activated, i'm pretty sure it worked in earlier releases, please fix.
This is currently intended by our developers. Please see this Blue post for more information.

If you would like to post feedback about this, please discuss it in the General Discussion forums :)

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