Great all around Barb amulet for sale

Here is it:

Nice damage, nice strength, all resist AND armor.

Not much to compare on AH.

I'm taking offers.
No one interested at all?
nice nice but no vita its sad
It has absolutely terrible defensive stats at the cost of only a decent offense. Do not think you will be getting much for this.
Well I think it is certainly worth a few millions.
Post stats please, I might be interest but can't view link on my cell phone
Amulet stats:

(No Vit, unfortunately)

+136 Strength
+30 Poison Resistance
+35 to All Resistances
+8% Increased Attack Speed
+260 Armor
+56% Critical Damage
Thank you Galx
I will take it for 10k? Ok?
lol... not really >_<
Sorry, not enough dps upgrade for me to justity losing all that vit. Just dropped one similar to this but with higher AR and 259 regen anyway.
I guess you are not alone in this situation.
No other offers than 10k...? lol

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