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OK i am a monk & this is my issue.. I have in my equipment the "Inna Vast Expanse" chest piece & the "Natalya's Bloody Footprint" boots.. both of them have Damage Reduction From Melee attacks roll on them.. & they are both for 6%... my concern is when i recently bought the Nataylya's Boots? i assumed that i would have a total of 12% melee reduction.. but instead when i pulled up the detailed list from the Inventory screen it shows 11.64%.. i hope nothing is terribly wrong with this & also when i went to test out the boots i noticed that the Tremor Demon monster that are common in the Keeps fought in Act 3.. when he slammed down his arms to hit me.. After allowing the monster to hit me a number of times.. it was the Same amount of damage done to me when i had my "Sinister Kicks" boots on..? so all together im not really sure if the melee damage reduction is actually working nevertheless both pieces of equipment are not adding up to 12% also.. i hope there is an explanation for this because even though when i put the boots on it doesnt add up to 12% but im hopeing the extra 5.64% of mele reduction would do SOMEthing lolz besides damage me for the Same ammount so i hope this post will be addressed accordingly & fixed.. or just throughly explained to me why it is the way it is.. Thanks again Blizzard

---------------------------------------------ITEM STATS-------------------------------------------------
Natalya's Bloody Footprints
608 - Armor
+188 - Dexterity
+ 49 - Lighting Resistance
+ 79 - All Elemental Resistance
+254 - Amor Increase
+12%- Movement Speed
+ 6%- Reduction From Melee Attacks

Inna's Vast Expanse
450 - Armor
+154 - Dexterity
+ 53 - Vitality
+ 60 - Lighting Resistance
+11%- Life
+ 6%- Reduction From Melee Attacks

Sinister Kicks
615 - Armor
+ 84 - Strength
+ 245 - Dexterity
+ 88 - Vitality
+ 78 - All Elemental Resistance
+ 260 - Armor Increase
Damage reduction is applied multiplicatively, not additively. They didn't want there to be any possibility of stacking up 100% damage reduction and that making you invincible.

Here's sort of how it works:
100 damage * (1 - .06) = 94
94 * (1 - .06) = 88.36
100 - 88.36 = 11.64

As for why you're receiving the same amount of damage, whether you're wearing Natalya's Bloody Footprints or Sinister Kicks... What are your total armor and resistance values with each one equipped?
6630 Armor with Kicks 1012 AR

6505 Armor with Natz 1062 AR
Ok, here's the formulas I've dug up:
DR from armor = armor / (armor + (50 * Monster level))
DR from resistance = resistance / (resistance + (5 * monster level))
Total DR = 1 - (1- armor dr) * (1 - res dr) * (1 - other dr)

I'll assume mlvl 63 (inferno, any MP)
Monks (and Barbarians) get a hidden 30% melee damage reduction bonus.

Total DR with kicks = 1-(1-6630/(6630+50*63))*(1-1012/(1012+5*63))*(1-.3)*(1-.06) ~= 94.97%
Total DR with Natz = 1-(1-6505/(6505+50*63))*(1-1062/(1062+5*63))*(1-.3)*(1-.06)*(1-.06) ~= 95.38%

So... that's only a difference of about 0.41% more damage reduction. You're not going to see a whole lot of variation in the amount of damage you take.

However, since the kicks give you more vitality, and more dex, they're actually probably better for you, since I think your effective HP is going to be higher. You'd have to plug your stats and gear into a calculator.

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