Blade wings in-game mail not received

Bug Report
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Reposting what I said before, because apparently there are several people who didn't read it the first time who should have...

Now now, let's not get too upset just yet, they did promise that our wings will be coming once they work it out, so don't talk about all your wasted money just yet. Everyone affected clearly has received most of the CE items, so as long as there is data in the system clearly showing that yes, we've all bought it (as there is), then they'll definitely be delivered to us eventually, even if it has to be manually, so just cool your jets. If anyone has any prior knowledge or experience showing that this might not be the case, by all means, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Now, if anyone has not received any confirmation of their CE purchase whatsoever, then yes, I believe you would have cause to be concerned and/or upset.
Just got my wings earlier today. Thanks for the fix Blizz!

Edit: I created a new char and the in-game mail thing popped up immediately.
Hi Everyone,

OP here. I tried just now, created a non-hardcore lvl 1 and got the bladewings message! Go ahead check!
Yeah i still dont get them, waiting for a refund id rather buy the collectors and get free beta
Love how blizz isnt even taking it upon themselves to direct a solution to the community about this issue. I want my wings called blizz several times and no luck this should be a easy hotfix.
I have no empty slot for create a new character. And some of my character have not receive this wing. There is no way to get wing for buggy character. Please fix this. make way to get wing.
(I'm playing in Asia server. sorry for bad English)

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