is 30 max disc enough with nightstalker ?

Demon Hunter
Thinking of ditching my dml with disc to one without with more dex.
just wondering if 30max disc enough if I Hv night stalker on with 50+ cri chance

There are definitely occasions where either NS don't proc, or u dun get any enemies for a period of time and u run out of disc to vault, but those occasions r rare.
Depends on attack speed and what skills you are using as well as your crit chance. Just find a build using nightstalker that works for you
Nightstalker works perfectly well if you stack CC and ASPD but that's just my opinion.
Even with out much IAS and not even using Night Stalker, I usually don't ever find myself short on Disc. It's easy enough for me if I'm in the situation to just kite away while my Disc regens on it own.
Depends on the MP level, at 5-6 it is fine, for 8+ I like to have an extra 9 or so just so I can vault out from tanking when something like Frozen is being cast.
Strafe - Rocket Storm is the best companion for Nightstalker imo.
At one point I had 60 max disc with nats and SoJ. I since dropped all my disc gear and added night stalker and have never looked back. Like others have said, crit chance and aps is key to making it work. Also, in my case, it helped a lot to learn to use gloom as needed, pacing to get the most out if it. When I had a ton of disc I would compulsively hit gloom and vault around like a crazy person, now I'm a bit more methodical.

That said, I think you're on the right track switching DMLs to a non-disc variety for the higher stat rolls. You definitely get better stats, and you may even have some gold left over.
I've been thinking about dropping my DML disc oo. Haven't pulled the trigger on it yet though. My quiver is probably in my top 3 to replace now, so it's something I've been considering, but I am still on the fence about the disc.

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