How Should I Improve My Gear/Build For CM/WW?

If any more experienced CM/WW wizards don't mind taking a quick glance at my gear and build I would love some advice.

I am fairly new to the build.

Thank you!
target stats for mp7
2.73atk spd, 50cc, 20apoc, 4.5k armour, 750 ar

target stats just to make it work, ie have enough ap
2.51 atkspd 40-50cc, 20 apoc have to use diamond skin prism

at 2.73 atk spd, 50 cc, and 20 apoc ull only have ap issues if u mistarget against single targets

loh needs range from 600-1200 depending on ur mitigation, and atk spd, ie if both are those are low u need more loh, but that depends on what mp u play at also

hope that helps, nice chants set tho

ps dont worry about dps at first, having enough ap able to keep winds and eb blasting is more impt (continuous dps means sheet dps isnt an accurate gauge for what ur doing)

lots of explanation and q and a in the following link
Agreed with SteelPhantom, though you can probably relax the attack speed requirements by another attack speed breakpoint (2.31aps) if you use Cold Snap. You're doing great DPS wise, good LoH, and you have pretty good AR/armor IMO (though we both need more). Right now your attack speed needs some improvement, since you're at 2.05aps; however, with Diamond Skin (Prism) and Cold Snap, you can probably get an okay, albeit not optimal stutter-freeze. I'd also increase your crit chance if you can too. But you're off to a great start! I'm downright jealous of your Chanotodo's set. :)
Thanks very much... I'll work on the attack speed.

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