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I hope that in the next patch we could see the special monsters have their special powers in alphabetical order like : Horde Molten Reflect Damage and not : Reflect Damage Horde Molten so we can straight assume that it start with Reflect the monsters can't possibly have the Molten and Horde.
Second issue following that one is that since the game is about fast paced killing monster sometimes its to late to see that the monsters got Reflect Damage and you don't have time to read all of the abilities they got, so it would be nice if the Reflect Damage would be in red color or the monsters had some skulls over their heads, you hire people for that kind of thing so I guess they come up with something.
What I loved in Diablo 2 was that we could grind games all night with PASSWORDS so the less smart people who are on my friends friend list don't join the game uninvited when you fighting two magic groups and a key warden on monster power eight.
Gold hangs in the air quite often which is a minor thing. Another big issue is that looking threw items on auction house I don't know how much they add or minus from my current one and its hard to do the math with all the dexterity attack speed critical hit chance and critical hit damage. So it would be nice if it showed the difference between the item you got on your selected character at the time and the one you don't know if you should buy and you know what the prices are on the European servers. Identifying should be instant as its waste of time but that's also a minor problem. And one more that is really annoying is the lack of scrolling the chat with scroll button, I mean come on...
I guess that's all for now, going back to sanctuary for another session.

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