Looking for IRONMAN duo/trio Evenings PST

Mostly SC up to this point, but I think given the latest 1.0.5 changes, and the fact that SC is starting to get old and repetitive, attempting to conquer Hardcore is starting to make sense (loved D2 IRONMAN).

IRONMAN in D3 = MP10, no AH, Only Trading within group, go as far as you can until someone dies, GG. First goal would be to beat Act1 Normal, and beyond!

Looking to start doing some of this in the evenings, looking for some like-minded individuals that love the challenge and scrapping together gear via working together, crafting, etc.

Add me in game if interested!
Whatever happened to All White challenge. People should do that instead.
Don't let them tell you it sucks. I just started MP10 ironmanning this week and it's the most fun I've had in D3 yet.

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