The WD 1.0.6 Thread

Witch Doctor
Post your suggestions for the WD in 1.0.6!!! :)

- Improved mana resource regeneration (Unlike other classes, we gain mana on kill...they gain resource on crit, on hit and etc.)
- Add icon for enemies affected by bad medicine
- Add icon showing quantity of fetishes summoned by fetish sycophants and fetish army
- Improve some useless skills like Wrathful Protector, hedge magic, fierce loyalty...
- Please fix the tooltip wording on Zuni boots and Tal's amulet. A lot of people are still confuse how that extra elemental damage really works.

E.G. Boots add +% poison damage but doesn't proc bad medicine (Still skill dependent). Why is it "Poison" in the first place when all it does is just add aditional damage?

That's all for now :D
-Mana regen and base pool scale with attacks per second...why is our class weapon 1.4 aps? We just run oom faster...
-Soul harvest:
-Make each "life force feeding" missile act like well of souls. That way if we have a boss fight we can still get 5 stacks just on one target.
-Make the skill have the base 230% damage per missile
-let the buff stack instead of resetting
-Big Bad Voodoo: Area of affect is increased based on health and glove pick up radius gear

AND long shot but
-Fire bats: All except dire bats...Bats now do the same damage but are only need to cast once. Effect lasts 5 seconds instead of having to channel and increase run speed by 20%.
I wanna run fast as monk/barb/dh using just 1 skill, like them.
All great ideas guys! Keep 'em coming!
-increase base mana regen to 60 mana/s
-give grave injustice an additional effect of +2% mana on crit
- remove cooldown of hex angry chicken rune
- increase duration of horrify stalker ms buff to 6s
- double the mana regen rate of ceremonial knives
- allow mojo to roll up to 3% life steal
- allow voodoo masks to roll up to 3% life steal
- give all wd 15% base damage reduction like a reduced version of what mellee gets
- fix a bunch of the useless skills
As a suggestion, for people who post in this thread, don't make it like a X'mas wish list. List couple of skills you would love to use/how/why.
Toad of hugeness

Would love for this skill to work. It should work with all types of monsters and prevent you from being overwhelmed in high MP solo then I would dump garg/bruiser and use ToH. Should work like how Protoss arbiter in SC1. Also the monsters it eats should be increased to 3.

Quite frankly garg is mediocre for geared WD, it does crappy damage, the only thing that keeps it on top WD's bar is the crowd control power of bruiser and the distraction it provides. So toad of hugeness can serve as an alternative.

As is toad of hugeness makes 1 non elite monster invulnerable in low MP. and makes 1 non elite monster invunerable in high MP(arguably can save our !@# in very rare occasions but who cares..)

I think for an entirely unusable skill this is not too much to ask.

I think diversity doesn't only mean we have a full arsenal of all encompass skills which can handle all cases. I think for some lesser used skills/runes, if you make it does one thing and does it well, then I am happy.

The same applies to other skills that need buffing too.

Like increase the range of cloud of bats, etc.
One could very easy make a 1000 word essay about all the changes WDs need to specific skills. I will list a few that i would love to see added.

1-Poison darts
should have a rune that can make it pierce. Very few WD's use PD once they hit 60 because its single target, and other primaries simply do more damage when farming. A piercing rune would be fun and exciting.

2-Plague of Toads
Pretty much every rune, with the exception of Rain of Toads sucks. Toad of Hugeness needs to work on all mobs unless its simply supposed to be pvp skill. Toad Affinity is 100% useless and should generate mana rather than reduce the cost. IE Removes cost and generates x mana per hit, or x mana per cast.

Personally I still think the damage is low. There is little reason to use bats > bears these days other than mana savings.
Direbats - probably should do more damage
Plague bats -Never really used this, but every time i tried i just couldnt justify using it... just didnt work well.
Hungry Bats-Great spell but the AI / targeting sucks. Should be more like WoS, OR there should be lots of smaller bats that do less damage.
Cloud of bats - Amazing spell, but i wish we could move while it was casting. Having a ramp up in damage, and not being able to move really reduces its value.

4-Haunt -
I still think the spell sucks. Haunt needs a rune like monks explosive palm or it simply needs to be better. Dots just dont cut it in D3, and Haunt needs lots of work.

5-Locust Swarm -
Love the spell, hate the cast range. QoL issue would be to let me cast it from anywhere on screen rather than spitting a mouthful of crap. (have them come out of the sky like AC).

6- Hex-
Baseline should work on ALL mobs inc bosses, OR it needs to have some other effect on bosses. If a wizard can freeze lock a boss, why cant I hex them?
Hedge Magic - Should heal a % of life rather than 1861 (1861 is WAY to low).
Painful Transformation - 12% is just ridiculously low compared to Jinx. Why would i ever use bleed?
Unstable Form - 135% is too low unless it happens every time Hex ends. If its gonna be only on a death, it should be 250% or more.

7 -Zombie Charger
All runes except bears need to be redone / buffed. Who would ever use any of the runes when bears are simpyl superior.

8- Spirit barrage.
WoS feels like it should be a primary. Yes i know its strong, but seriously compared to other classs mains, WoS is strong but not ridiculous. I would consider lowering its base mana cost by a bit. (rather than 108, it should be in the 80-90 range).

9 -Wall of zombies
Dead rush could be a ridiculously fun spell, but with a CD of 20s its simply not usable. It should be like Pile on, where the CD is reduced to 10s (or even removed and mana cost increased)

10 -Fetish army
-fetishes need to be stronger.

11- Acid Cloud
Kiss of death needs to be looked at. Too little damage for what it provides. (PBAOE is just stupid for a WD). Why would anyone EVER use this over Acid rain. 12% more initial damage and 15% more Dot Damage, by but lose the 24 yard range? Damage needs to be far higher.
Corpse Bomb- Could be amazing, but with AC costing so much, it simply cant compare to bears.

Other issues

I think we need a form of mana regen, (though skills, baseline or even gear) that SCALES with gear. (IE APoC). It can be something totally new, but IMO its needed if our class is going to be competitive.
Love all of Xarkar's suggstions, especialy for the Toad Affinity Rune. As the skill is now, they may as well call it "Rain of Toads" because every other rune is completely worthless. The suggestion for "Wrathful Protector" that Vekkul mentioned is great also.

But the thing that most desperately needs redesigning is every Zombie Charger rune aside from bears. They have no use. None at all. They're not even in the same #@%&ing ballpark as Bears. Hell, I wouldn't even use them in the process of leveling a WD up to 60. No point, when AC is just vastly superior earlier on. "Explosive Beast" is the only other rune that's even close to passable, but even that seems like nothing more than a temporary decent AoE rune to use until you get bears, with more of a kick to the dmg than AC but less AoE. The first three runes, I just don't even know...

And if Blizz ever wants anyone to even consider the "Boogie Man" rune for BBV, I'd say it should be a 100% chance to resurrect for each enemy killed. Even that doesn't sound all that tempting though, and it is another rune that needs attention.
BBV need to feel more like an ultimate ability, only slam dance really provides that. The fact that it is placed and affects only a small area is also a big down side. Hence, I suggest the following:

Big Bad Vodoo
Conjure a Fetish that ritual dances around the Witch Doctor, increasing the attack speed and movement speed of all nearby allies by 20% for 20 seconds. The ritual radius is extended by 50% of your gold pickup radius.
Jungle Drums – Each second, allies within the ritual area have their cooldowns reduced by 1 second. (This would also effectively reduce the cooldown of BBV itself)
Rain Dance – Allies within the ritual area have their resource generation increased by 100%. (This should also benefit your allies)
Slam Dance – The Fetish increases the damage of all nearby allies by 30%. (Good)
Ghost Trance – The ritual heals all nearby allies for 5% of their maximum Life per second. (A bit dull, but decent I guess)
Requiem – Every two seconds, the Fetish ritual resurrects a zombie dog within the area. In addition, while the ritual is active the maximum number of zombie dogs you can have under your control is increased by two. (This I would find awesome)
Requiem – Every two seconds, the Fetish ritual resurrects a zombie dog within the area. In addition, while the ritual is active the maximum number of zombie dogs you can have under your control is increased by two. (This I would find awesome)

Requiem - Every two seconds, the Fetish Ritual resurrects a zombie dog within the area. If you are already at your maximum zombie dogs, one existing dog will explode for 230% damage in an 8 yard range.

That would be ridiculously fun.
Good suggestions by Xarxar.. I have a few points to add though. Primary skills for WD are generally underrated. Why? Because it is common understanding for WD's that AS is the least useful stat to boost damage. Although, if you do stack AS, some primary skills would look somewhat neat.

Ex. I think some runes of the Plague of Toads are good esp. Addling Toads Rune. With enough AS (1.8 - 2.0 least) you could fill up your screen with toads and remember EACH TOAD deals 130% damage..if close enough, toads deal the highest damage of the primary skills.

Another example: SNAKE TO THE FACE is just AWESOME with enough attack speed. WD also has this perma stun build when geared correctly for it....

IMO: this is why alot of WD's find most of their skills to be ineffective...
Fix MC:Paranoia tooltip explanation. Does the damage buff get stuck to the enemies or not? IF it is just a radius of initial cast... then there should be something put on the floor to label that radius like BBV has. If it gets stuck to the monster, then they should have something show that like bleed dmg.
i hope blizz gets to read these ideas...
The unsung Request

oh and make mana pool defined from Arcane Power

EXAMPLE: 2,500mana with 30 stock mana regen
Some of these are a bit more general but directly tie into WD.

Fix elemental damage. Why do other classes benefit from cold, and we don't (I thought I was seeing otherwise, but it was the effects of a different spell.) All elemental bonuses need to be fixed or at least it should be clear what they do.. I want to see fire do AOE, Poison (well poison), cold slow, holy bonus vs undead + demons, etc etc..

Let us dye leg/set items! Every WD I play with looks exactly the same the only difference is pants (1 of 3 options), and what weapons we are holding.

Fix mana, what we have "sort of works" now..but compared to other classes it's sucks to have to "spec" for resources vs gearing for resources like other classes. Let me choose the skills and spells I want to use because they are fun to play.

Change GI to something besides "ON KILL", we loose our only ability to reduce cool downs in upper mps which is a huge set back.

Make Kiss of Death pool spread with multiple casts. (think of what happens when you keep pouring liquid it doesn't stack it spreads out).

Make Cloud of bats spin up faster with AS to max damage and increase radius based on a % of PUR. I also like the idea of moving while casting, if a single cast could say last 8 seconds or something like that and ramp up with faster with AS, and wider with PUR it could be interesting.

Fix/change the Proc rate on locust, they are doing tons and tons of little damage over a set time, why don't they proc LOH/LS at all? They are brutal vs reflect.

Haunt the mana rune works the rest meh.

Fix our mojos, SOS + U-Serpant can roll exactly the same now, and TOD is limited to 8.5cc max why? Also make them more interesting give them unique skills like a change to shrink your opponents head, or hex them or something fun.

Improve our leg/set knives. The damage cap is low, and we can't roll any mana related stuff and an OS.

Fix the AH so we can search by all possible wd skills on all items.

The rest I agree with what Xarkar says no point in repeating it all.
awesome!! Keep 'em all coming!!!
Cloud of bats as our version of whirlwind...
I would love for Vision Quest to be an ability that actually represents it's name. Such as, "Your mana regeneration is increased by 30% while moving." Something along those lines. As of right now vision quest is not a good name for the skill.
11/16/2012 05:59 PMPosted by Mugel
- Improve some useless skills like Wrathful Protector, hedge magic, fierce loyalty...

As the pet class we need at LEAST two more permanent summons. So we can actually have some customization when it comes to pets. As of right now almost every WD rolls Garg and dogs. Permanent summon ideas: Spider queen, Hex shaman, toad of hugeness, and of course improvements on our fetishes to make them useful.

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