What Elite Pack Would You Hate to Fight!

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11/16/2012 07:03 PMPosted by Grimiku
There are some types of packs that I certainly favor less than others, but what I am finding to be the bigger culprit of craziness as of late is the rare instance that I stumble on to two packs with no over lapping affixes. Those tend to be some very interesting moments in gameplay for me.

Add for a bit of fun a unique, and at least one of those elite packs having knock back, ESPECIALLY if its right at the start of the dungeon, so you manage to pull half the immediate area...

Last nights count was 3 insta deaths, 5 quick deaths, and about 4 drawn out deaths after I'd finally managed to thin the swarm from **** out a bit.
When I see a pack of Demonic Tremor with reflect damage and jailer... I scream like a little girl... and I'm not joking ;)
without a doubt its the elusive elites (ex. fallen prophets) w/ molten, frozen, arcane, shielding
Fast, Reflects Damage, Molten, Electrified
reflect with illusionist or horde and mortar. As a demon hunter try getting off shots against it. Between dodging a million mortars and killing yourself with reflect it turns into quite a long fight. If they are wallers it turns into a even longer fight.
MP10 occultist

shielding reflect damage extra health vampiric

please, oh god no.
the worst is enemy from ACT 4 that can cast METEOR with arcane, illusionist, vortex, frozen , RD / Extra health / fast
imagine, i have try face this monster, and is like chaos, died 7 > with all party

ping pong, freeze and full meteor in middle of battle
Bloodclan Occultists: Reflect Damage,Shielding,Molten,Vortex

Savage Beasts: Jailer,Reflect Damage,Molten,Desecrator

Phase Beasts: Fast,Shielding,Molten,Reflect Damage

those were the hardest Combinations i encountered so far
Well first some Hulking Phasebeast, and then some Succubus
These guys have teleport and armor shred for free. (Vs. Monk)
Phasebeasts: Fire Chain, Molten, Electric, Reflect Damage (The 4 most painful on a melle)
Succubi: Frozen, Jailer, Desecrate, Vortex
I think I fought them all already, tha'ts why I don't play anymore :P
Fast, teleporting, knockback, extra health and arcane all in one group.

I don't mind any other affixes, but those really slow down gameplay a lot!

You're willing to engage the enemy, but the enemy keeps running away! Coward enemies are not what I would call elites. They're just cowards!
desecrator molten reflect and extra health.. on pretty much any elite.
Anything with Reflect damage.
Blood Clan Occultists...fast, jailer, extra health, reflect damage
Regardless of affix I hate facing:

- Icy Quilbacks
- Blood Clan Shamans
- Tremors
- Wasps
- Giant Lacuni Warriors
- "The spear-wielding serpent guys from act 2"
I hate the reflect damage, vampiric, vortex, arcane (or firechain). My wizard can deal with the mortars no problem but ugh, I hate vortex. I think one of the worst elite packs I ran into with this was the corrupted angels in act 4. Those are a beast.
I find the Illusionist, Horde, Molten, Wallers to be particularly nasty regardless...

With my DH... I hate succubus with vortex and teleport

With my Monk.. I'd probably say frogs (so damn hard to click on) with frozen and arcane
lots of people not liking occultists and damage reflect prefix

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