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I can't craft a staff of herding for the inferno mode, I gather all the materials in order to built it and I've done it in inferno difficulty but for only for 50000po, this cost is for normal difficulty.

I try it and it works only for normal difficulty, since it's the first time I craft one, I thought it was because the materials came from different modes (normal, nightmare ...) and I gather them a second time every of them in inferno.

But this is the same, I can build another one but for 50000po ... and worse the plan and the staff also cannot be drop on the ground or dismantled in fact impossible to get rid of them (for the materials thats ok, I can drop them).

Do anyone have this kind of issue ?

To Upgrade the staff of herding you'll need another Blacksmith plan, sold by a merchant in Bastions keep in Act 4 on normal difficulty, THEN, you'll be able to upgrade the normal staf of herding to a nightmarish staff of herding. So you DON'T need to gather the wirts bell, Leorics shinbone, etc a second time.

The same procedure has to be followed to upgrade the nightmarish staff of herding to a hellish staff of herding.
ok understood, but how can I remove the plan from my inventory ?

I think I bought it once and also drop it from izual ...
11/09/2012 10:03 AMPosted by Lylirra
The Staff of Herding recipe is currently bugged, so it's kind of difficult to get rid of (i.e. put the recipe in your stash, create a new character, move the item to the new character's inventory, and then delete the character). We've already got a fix planned, though, that will allow you to drop the item on the ground or "sell" it for 0 gold to a vendor.

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