Steal An Item From The Above Wizard Part II

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I really liked this thread idea, as I felt it was more postive-minded and congratulatory than the often overly-critical "name the next upgrade for..." threads. It's also a way for those of us who already have a 5-year plan for gear to get in on the fun. So I'll try to start it up again.

Guess since I'm first I'll start off by stealing from my much better geared friend, kestegs:

I'd take his APoC Chant's source in a heartbeat, so I could finally wear a mempo.
I am pretty sure i would steal your hellfire ring lol.
@alwTicToc, I would love to have your witching hour. :D
@CoXyZ Your gloves...maybe..
I steal ur mempo for 3 ias and 910 AR and +4500 HP and +5K dps. :P I given it some thought for awhile...premeditated prolly get more jail time for that.
Aimless: I'd take your witching hour.
Xeonrf, I would go for your Tal Rasha's Allegiance.
Bothem, I'll just borrow that skorn to play with disintegrate builds.
Shelendil.. you dont have to much items.. but.. im in love with ur wep... my god.. *.*
Oh, the other items are on my witch doctor right now.
OpeThO, I would probably take your amulet. Very nice :)
@Dougaboo- your Hellfire ring, mainly because I don't have one :P
@triumph id steal ur ammy

also if u wanna do some uber runs to get an hf ring hit me up, i usually run mp8 or 9

note they usually suck unless u get really lucky like doug did

Witching Hour.

Witching Hour.

Your gloves.
your witching hour
@SwiftKitten. i would probably steal your chant set as i am working on a set for ubers (CM) atm.

HA! I logged out in cap mf gear. nothing to steal here, move along !
@Vladis id steal your mempo! i need one to get to 2.74 aps

Your socketed storm crow

Witching Hour....

I could use the % life and extra 1% speed. I think...

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