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that whenever I return to the game after not playing it for a week to a month that I receive a quality legendary item within the first 20 minutes of playing and then see nothing else of any value after that if I keep playing?

Is the game coded to reward players who return after long breaks to increase the chance that they continue to play?
I've noticed this as well. Watch out....incoming "RNG IS RNG".
I honestly do believe they manipulate drop rates similarly to how the bonus pool works in sc2. I've noticed this so many times.
11/17/2012 06:43 AMPosted by vexorian
RNG is random.

Yep, this fan boy knows because he has seen the code algorithms...

And check the profile, so much experience playing the game.
11/17/2012 06:57 AMPosted by vexorian
I bet you had. Oh wait, no you didn't. Since no one here actually seen the code. The only rational move is to use Ocam's razor. If Blizzard had a system like this, what exactly would be the reason to hide it?

You can make a convincing argument that it'd make sense to give better drops to people who play only an hour a month, otherwise they'll never find anything. If they made this public it'd be incentive to play less, and alot of people wouldnt like it anyway, why the hell would they make it public?

Theres a bonus pool in sc2 that works the exact same way, giving bonus points to people who play less. Sounds pretty dumb to me, but they seem to like doing !@#$ like that, and I expect its in d3.

I remember on the long weekend couple months ago I played about 15 hours, didn't find 1 %^-*in legendary. I quit for 2 weeks, join my friends game and find a manticore and andy's helm. I'm quite familiar with a real RNG like in d2, I played it for 5 years and !@#$ like this would never happen.

btw, howcome it NEVER seems to go the opposite way? its pretty much always in favour of this conspiracy

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